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Dead Planet

Elm Street - Knock 'em Out With A Metal Fist

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I'm gonna listen to this purely because of the title!

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I'm gonna listen to this purely because of the title!



I'm gonna give this a listen based solely on that artwork!


C'mon, can ya get any more "metal" than that album cover? There's a Grim Reaper, a Conan lookin' barbarian dude, a big boobed slave girl, flames and of course that giant honkin' spiky metal fist!!! F*ck yeah!! :banger:

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    • I LOVE this song. Love how there is a guitar solo only one minute in. Chorus at the start and the end, with verses in the middle Ian Moss sings the first two verses and then Jimmy Barnes the third Kind of can be interpreted as a good sum up of 2020 so far.  
    • I just want to propose a question to anyone on here who would like to answer it, honestly, NO Cody answers, honest serious, and cogent answers are what i'd like to read, and of course as I'm the board racist, it will appear to be a racist question, but after reading you guys from other parts of the worlds remarks above, I suddenly had 1 question that blew my mind, I never really knew this, thanks for enlightening me. WHY OUT OF SO MANY RACES, ON EVERY INCH OF THE EARTH,  DOES IT SEEM LIKE THERE IS 1 RACE, WHO NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE ON THE PLANET, SEEM TO BE VICTIMIZED, TREATED UNFAIRLY, HELD DOWN, OPPRESSED, AND DESTITUTE? IN ANY SOCIETY, LIVING WITHIN ANY OTHER RACE, I'M HONESTLY CURIOUS? ARE WE REALLY SAYING EVERY SINGLE RACE LOOKS DOWN ON 1? OR COULD IT BE ONLY 1 COMPLAINS, AND CRIES AND BITCHES, ABOUT ALL THE SAME SHIT EVERY OTHER RACE HAS TO ENDURE AS WELL?   I realize I'm coming off racist here, but I don't give a fuck, it's a legitimate question I have, I'm going to pose it on FB as well, because I am watching my country being destroyed, over something I don't believe is happening, I live here, I don't know any oppressed blacks, the ones I know, work, and make money, and take care of their family's, and really there is no difference between them and the whites, outside of their skin color, so I think this is bullshit, and the silent white majority is starting to come unhinged, just wait, eventually the quiet and true Americans are going to be pushed into a corner, and have no choice but to react, then there will be next level violence, and there are about 60% more of those fuckers then there are of the Thugs, I hope it doesn't have to get to that point, but a good majority of the American middle class love their 2nd Amendment Rights, and practice them religiously, and love their Country, it might be a great time to see if G-Off has that extra bedroom available.
    • Well if that's the case, because there is NO proof, or evidence, and nobody really knows for sure, then wouldn't that mean that wet markets are a conspiracy as well? and anything anyone believes at all about it, is in fact a conspiracy theory? am I not correct? And the Chinese lab thing cannot be a conspiracy theory anyways, as it's anything but hidden or secret, the Chinese scientist blew the lid on it himself, that's where it originated from, ALLEGEDLY!
    • Great creepy, scary, weird, clown faced avatar. I like the new one too.  😆
    • Welcome back mate. Nice link. 
    • Not just their older relatives. Think about it, if (and again that's IF) this thing is as widespread and contagious as it is, then it's only gonna take ONE infected A symptomatic person to attend a rally and transmit it countless others from countless areas. We'll see.  
    • With the way he's churning them out, I'm hoping for an ongoing album theme. Do I dare hope that in the future we could be discussing "At the Movies V". There's a huge well to draw from.
    • Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust? Great album, one of their best
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