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Warrant - Louder Harder Faster


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Perfect is my favorite song of the album after listening many times.
Took me a while to get through the similarities to I;ll Fall In Love Again, but it's in my head well and truly now...





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Listened to some of the album last night.

There was one song that stuck out.

The song above is also good.

I'm different to most here in that if I get a few killer songs off the album I'm happy

Two to three keepers makes it a worthwhile purchase imo. Rather than grabbing them off Itunes I'd sooner put out the 6 or 7 extra bucks to have the cd in my collection.

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If this were some brand new band, people would probably be singing praises.



Some people just can't do that.

Which sucks for them because they miss out.



Yeah...It is hard though. I mean, when you see "Warrant" you have a preconceived notion of what you're wanting it to sound like and this is quite a ways from the fun, party melodic rock that Warrant is known for. I do wonder sometimes if they should've tried a new name but it would be tough to leave behind the catalog of songs so can't blame them for keeping it.


I had to keep trying it though and it's sunk in a bit. Warrant and Firehouse are coming about 30 minutes from me in a month and gonna hit that show. I mean, can't go wrong seeing them both for $20.


Seen them both live and they are a great show. Totally jealous especially at what works out to $10 a band.

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Just wanted to post this song....Among my favorites on the album.



This and 'Let it go' are the best two songs on the album. Otherwise, the rest of the album is really pretty average, as expected. I will say, though, the band sounds good, musically, and the production is the best it's been in an age too.


All they need now is a decent songwriter. ;)


Exactly. Still think they are highly enjoyable with Mason but amongst the good songs, it would be nice to have that one killer single that really separates itself from the rest of the album.

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I could never get into any of the albums without Lane and this one is no exception. 

My top 20 Warrant songs are:

1. April 2031
2. Sad Theresa
3. The Bitter Pill
4. Andy Warhol Was Right
5. Let It Rain
6. Machine Gun
7. Hollywood (so far, so good)
8. Undertow
9. Followed
10.You’re The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
11.Blind Faith
14.Sum Of One
15.Ride #2
16.Hole In My Wall 
17.Stronger Now
19.Live Inside Of You
20.Big Talk


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