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    • I've liked a lot of the material Josh has been involved with and the lineup on this upcoming solo effort had me interested, but unfortunately these initial promo tracks fall flat, it's a pass for me
    • never wish you catch this disease it's evil.  even if you recovery you are left with permanent respiratory issues or even worse. kidney probs, diabetes.....the truth will come out in a few years. and the economic issues are trumps fault too. sorry. he's done bugger all to support businesses , employees or the self employed. In UK we had the furlough scheme where the government stepped in to pay 80% of wages so many weren't laid off. and a separate scheme to support the self employed.  this virus is now running rampant across the US with no way of controlling it. If the UK had any sense we would ban US travel completely but they won't. Crazy times 
    • Here's a outsiders POV with the US and corona. Basically they're fucked. I can't see any other chice but to move on and reopen and support business. if they don't, the economy is screwed, which leads to people being screwed, and a severe depression potentially. There were opportunities to slow the spread, but they were missed. Closing NY would have been wise. But everyone was learning how to deal when it all happened, some just made better decisions than otehrs. As for the schools, that one is a bit tricky, obviously for government run schools. I'm not familiar with how it works in the US in more detail. Everyone has the right to quit their job, teacher, cafe worker, etc. Can only go on how our government handled schools and transmission between kids was suppoesed to be very low. Just my outsider opinions, based on what I know. it's a sucky situation and good luck to everyone stayin safe.
    • I posted the Mr. Big track in another thread recently and it reminded me of some other favorite tracks of mine with the same title. A couple I hadn't heard in years. These five tracks are all killer! IMHO.            
    • No, It is, tell me, what is it Bidens worried about? let's see, he basically shifts to whatever direction he's told, he changes stances faster then underwear, has been in the Government for 40 years, and nothing he's saying is consistent with a thing he's said in 40 years, sounds to me like pandering, and we do that so we can?? Get the votes, trumps a fucking scumbag, at least he's a consistent douche bag, he doesn't meander on topics, that's why I think he's hated, Trump was never a politician, he was a business man, and that shows by his bullheaded antics, still since Jo Jorgesen doesn't have a shot at winning, and I certainly do not wish to see what's going on here continue, shit has gotten one sided, and if the economy crashes, this could spark the worst thing I could contemplate, that's right, we will be sneaking into Mexico.
    • If the economy doesnt restart and get going, it's not gonna matter if we all die or not, "dem goddamn librals de tryin to make the economy crash, that way dey can have are man by da ballz on sumpten else" so you guys all think, and are more worried about catching a disease, then the economy going under, sorry I  gotta play the odds of maybe catching a virus, that will maybe kill me, or for certain the entire economy crashing, sorry guys, if I don't have work, I dont have money, or food, or shelter, and that will for certain make me wish I had just caught Corona.
    • blinded by truth
    • Apparently Demon Doll Records reissued this Sleaze gem earlier this year. Nice. I've always loved the title track. Pure Sleaze.    
    • The TNT Overture - Ted Nugent. You came very close to actually winning the song game. This is the only other song I could come up with that has TNT in the title.
    • TNT - AC/DC
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