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    • I like that that's v cool.  good work 
    • I somehow doubt that even if it is true that it will never go outside of the USA seeing as Poison (well Bret) seems to either  think the rest of the world does not exist or his bandana will explode if he leaves the USA.   That said, I would go in a heartbeat. I have seen Motley several times since 2005 and saw them on the final tour as well, I loved them everytime. Lepp always put on a great show, although last time I saw them was with Crue and Steel Panther, and their set just paled in comparison as far as showmanship goes. Poison I have only ever seen once back in 1993 on the Seven days live tour with Kotzen on guitar, so would kill to actually see the band with CC on guitar. As long as it is a greatest hits package, thats all I care about.   Overall, anyone who feels "ripped off" by Crue un-retiring is deluding themselves as god knows how many bands and artists have retired from touring, only to return. Kiss, Ozzy, Thunder (twice), Bowling For Soup (said no more UK tours and they are coming back to tour for the second time since they retired from UK touring) & even Whitesnake back in the 1990s. Anyone who does not like them or feels they are no longer relevant really need to pull their necks in and let those who do actually want to go see them just enjoy them. I mean, its not like anyone is forced to go see them.
    • another great song. very catchy chorus
    • Just came up with this: Could I have been so high I couldn't tell she was a guy Could I have been so drunk Those titties came with a trunk Surprise Surprise, Some ladies are guys.... Could I have been that blind Sure looked like a girl from behind Could I have been that lit Didn't realize there was no slit Suprise Surprise, There's balls in between those thighs
    • "I came on the fanny of a tranny...."
    • She's Got Balls Drunk In The Trunk Blue Ointment Blues Goin' Crabbin' Double Stuff King Kong Super Dong  
    • Oh, also absolutely rocked that 1st cd by Novella, almost forgot, I still jam that fucker, who's to say and do we just surrender are classics to me, killer songs
    • Here's a great song from the nineties, it was a major hit here in Denmark.  
    • My favorite is an obscure band, I know a few of u have heard them, most haven't, it's Ivy Stone, I picked holy soldier 
    • Wow Cody dude..... so so sorry to hear of your situation. At least you took the bull by the horns and got yourself together. I hope things get better for you. As for recommendations, I think you'd love the new Taylor Swift disc. It's so fantastic! 
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