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    • So how about that Little Drummer Boy cover by Whiteheart? eh?  
    • Sounds like a new album next year, no details yet but they re-recorded Kiss of Life as a teaser. What's everyone think? IMO it doesn't sound like a very serious attempt, the production and vocal arrangements are both all over the place.
    • ..and that's all folks! What an anticlimax! Jokes apart..no Petragirl we don't want you to leave. As Dan mentioned, most of us here are no spring chickens. We(HH members) are like a small army of 80s hard rock lovers still enjoying whatever good music (particularly 80s rock) is out there. It's so nice and rare at the same time to see a 13 yr old on this forum enjoying our kind of music. I wish there were many like you. Tomorrow, when we are old and on our wheelchairs unable to keep our kind of music alive, it will be you and your age groups that will be carrying the baton. So pls you re most welcome here. Just don't take some comments/opinions/jokes too seriously. Am a true Christian myself like you but I respect everyone on the forum regardless of their religion or whatever take non-believers have on religions. And I know for sure, all members on this forum are good and reasonable people including Geoff lol. 
    • Torien still sounds great live, at least he did at the HOB show in Las Vegas in fall of 2018. I'm looking forward to hearing what the band come up with together.
    • I just read it, and you hurt my feelings, so I'm done, maybe I'll feel better tomorrow but tonight I'm upset goodbye
    • G-Off, I think your just great, even though u never paid me for that one stuff we did, I forgive you, Stefan, that was brilliant, I give it an A, you people stop picking on Geoff, he's an icon in the business and u need to respect him, sheesh
    • What? Where did that come from? If that's another former post then No. Don't. Leave it alone. 
    • Petra, you don't think I'm smart? What? Ok I was just lying, I believe, I've decided to take Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, ok! Now do you think I'm smart again, what more do I have to do? Let me know
    • Has anyone else watched the new documentary about Butch Walker on the Audition channel? It's on Direct TV, I don't know if it's on all providers or not, but it's fucking awesome, he's fucking hilarious, I mean truly funny making fun of himself the entire hour, pics of him growing up and in Southgang, just a well done doc, check it out.
    • Can you tell me the definition too? That's all, I promise I'm not looking to argue. If you want you can Pm me too~ 
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