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    • Pretty much my list also, but perhaps in a different order with Girls Girls Girls added.
    • Nice first track.  It'll be interesting to see if they can match the quality of the prior releases with Dennis being joined by a whole new lineup.
    • My top 10 1. Wild Side  2. Primal Scream 3. Too Young to Fall in Love 4. Live Wire 5. Shout at the Devil 6. Looks That Kill 7. Kickstart My Heart 8. Dr. Feelgood 9. Saints of Los Angeles 10. Hell on High Heels I love the entire 1994 self titled album with Corabi on vocals, but I kinda consider it a different beast, so I didn't include those songs here, as they would have dominated the list. 
    • sounding better than they have in a long time
    • Wow, I'm sure the guys are just having some fun, but surely with the talent involved they could have come up with something better than that Lone Ranger song and video
    • What do we know about this band? Was looking to see if Claus Lessman had anything new coming out, and this came up. Yea it does sound a little like him. Still would like to know what Claus Lessman is doing these days?      
    • Everything is about opinion.....it's why we're here isn't it?? And in answer to your question. no. When reading the DL and BJ threads I completely got peoples lists cos mostly there were great songs at the top even if they weren't my fav songs. imo those tracks mentioned are not great....they are fairly standard hard rockers. But then that would describe most MC songs. But to each their own. I'm glad you like them....and I mean that honestly 
    • Would those volumes be that people like a band you are not keen on, so their opinion on those songs differs to yours because they like the band?
    • I cannot do this. Crue are my fave band and I would be hard pressed to make this a small list. Probably top 100 would be easy, and thats it.
    • Yeah, Smoke The Sky is not one of my favorites either. I think when dealing with older songs there is a sentimental aspect to it as well "I remember when I first saw this clip, and was blown away. I loved this song at the time" Wild Side has some great riffs, hooks, tempo changes, etc
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