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Bai Bang - Rock Of Life


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Not for me


Off All Around The World I would class the following songs as great

Gonna Make It


Bai Bang

How About Now


Now You're Gone


I don't find them same-y at all.

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Great news. Love these guys and they always make an enjoyable album. I'll look forward to this.

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Tracklist for 'Rock Of Life' (out April 28)

1.Crazy Night
2. Hey Hey You
3.Heart and Soul
4.Rock of Life
5.Stop Messin´ Around
6.Only the Best Die Young (acoustic version)
7.Smoking Hot
8.Gonna Rock you
10.Gimme All Your Love
11.Telephone Line

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Finally a band releasing an acoustic track of a song from another album so you don't end up with 2 of the same songs on the one CD.

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Can't hear the clips properly because the kids use all my internet up while I was away, so won't be back to full speed for another couple of days :(

Crazy Night sounded awesome (from when I heard in snippets as it loaded)

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Haha, the only song we already know from the album. Lord almighty that's an awful video. Diddi ol' mate does not translate well to video.

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Sadly, I thought this album was really bad. :(  All the worst this band has to offer seemed present. Bad song writing, shitty production job and stale hooks. 

I still have faith in this band, but first and foremost, with Diddi's awful voice, they need a really strong, ballsy production that can somewhat bury how bad his voice is. Otherwise, there's still good songs in them - but they do also need to stop writing the lyrics of kindergarten children. 

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