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Cross Solder


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Great stuff. The singer sounds like James Hetfield in places. The music is only available on download and it seem the band is now defunct.

From reverbnation.com:


Cross Solder is an American rock band from Lancaster Ohio. Originally formed in 2011 by bassist Anthony Dunn and drummer Marc Allen. After a year of lineup changes Marc and Anthony found themselves in what seemed to be a lost cause until lead guitarist Cameron Grant and singer Chad Lunn joined the band in 2012. On their own they quickly started evolving from the ground up and started making a name for themselves in there home town. In October of 2012 they released a four track Ep with famous producer Joe Viers. Shortly after that local radio stations started playing their songs. Following the local success from the Ep it prompted the boys to go back and record more songs. In march of 2013 they recorded a track called 'Shameless' which then struck the attention of local video producer Aj Satterfield. They landed a good deal and began filming in August that year. The release of the music video help them grab the attention they needed. Cross Solder then released their first self-titled album on February 1st, 2014. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google play. The boys then traveled across the country to film their second music video in Salt Lake City. Working with Hollywood make up artist Richard Hanson they produced an amazing video/film for their song 'Devils Eyes'. Both music videos can be found on YouTube. In November of 2014 Cross Solder was delivered a huge blow as the bands front-man Chad Lunn stepped down for personal reasons. The band still continued to press on following their dreams. Video auditions were held and as things were looking down they came across Isaac Young. A young talented singer who is ready to take the band even further to the top. Currently Cross Solder is back and in full force with a new southern outlaw rock n roll sound. They will be releasing a new single called 'Wasteland' on July 4th, 2015. The new EP called Chapter 2: The Rebound Effect is now available on iTunes and Google Play. Be sure to check out their new music video of them performing the classic song "Lunatic Fringe".


More music:

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    • I had some time to kill by myself after work this afternoon (which rarely happens) so I took a mental-health trip to, where else, the record store... and BOY am I glad I did, cuz I knocked one of the longest standing "wants" off of my want list... AC/DC - Bonfire (4 CD box set) FINALLY! I have wanted this damned thing ever since it came out in the mid 90s but at the time the price tag (which ran between $40-$50 new, if memory serves) was a bit steep for my broke 20-something ass. When I saw it sitting there today for only $20, though, I went weak in the knees and snapped it up immediately. Best of all, the box and all the contents are in absolutely minty shape and all the extra goodies (poster, booklet, sticker, AC/DC temporary tattoo, guitar pick and AC/DC keychain/bottle opener) were included. I can finally declare my AC/DC collection complete!! Also:  Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla/Sin After Sin Russian "2-on-1" bootleg. I have both of those albums on CD already of course, but I couldn't pass this up cuz I can't resist weird shit (haha). Besides, the Rocka Rolla cover art on the front is the old school soda-pop bottle cap cover, not the winged armored warrior cover that's on the CD I already have, so that was enough to justify the purchase. Bullet Lavolta - Gimme Danger EP - I'm not really familiar with this band aside from a cover of "Detroit Rock City" that I have on a KISS tribute, but that was good enough to make it worth taking a punt. Time will tell if I chose wisely.
    • OK, this album is pretty bad IMO. Most of the songs are just plodding and uninteresting, the lyrics are bad even by Martensson standards, and overall it's just missing that typical Eclipse energy and hooks that make me want to keep listening. It feels like a chore to listen to this album so...I won't do it. Also...I couldn't have been the only one who noticed this?   The chorus has a very similar vocal melody and then there's the obvious shared lyrics...come on man...
    • Not bad, but nothing too exciting.  And not enough ADV. 
    • Same old sound and style...hard to keep up with the 400 project names being used by these guys.
    • The PIES are victorious.  Everything is as it should be.
    • This sounds pretty bad ass.     Another good one taken from the new album.  
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