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    • I considered Metal T's joke about Hillary, not women. That's the problem. If I make a joke or comment about a particular woman who happens to be an arsehole, then I'm labeled sexist. If I make a joke or comment about a particular African/Asian or someone else from not my culture that happens to be an arsehole, then I'm labeled racist. The same with homosexuals/homophobia. Just because I think one particular person is an arsehole, doesn’t mean I'm any of those things (which I'm not).  Also, the thing about political correctness that has always given me the shits is that it seem to be okay to be racist/sexist, etc as long as you don't let it show. Being politically correct doesn’t mean that you or your organization is not racist, it just means that you hide it. It's a bullshit, token, meaningless philosophy. 
    • It's gonna be hard to enforce this curfew if it's still around when "daylight savings" starts. Hope you and yours are well and safe BTW mate.
    • Yeah, I'm all good mate. I hope you're keeping safe. We're still at 3 up here but all wearing masks of course. I don't mind the masks. Anything to hide my rough head is a good thing. It might just enhance my chances with the ladies. 😆
    • We are able to carry on our business. Fortunately we supply businesses that are allowed to operate under the restrictions (we supply people who do online retail sales) But it was a grey area last night and for a while I thought that we were not able to operate. during that time I was pretty pissed, thinking we had to shut down for 6 weeks. Income gone, don't qualify for any government assistance. fortunately it turned out ok for me, but for a brief while I got a really good understanding at the hurt and anger out there.
    • Good morning Darky, what level you fall under 3 or 4 ? Hoping you and Crue surviving The store you connecting  me at, has had a few good weeks, it's only falling off the past week. And recycle store has been  open right through/ Been worried jumping on train to go down there, you never know what other passengers are carrying
    • Cherish The Moment - Ken Tamplin
    • Strange that being a UK band we can't preorder the cd yet but overseas can now? Anywho this is pretty good and i'm waiting to preorder the disc and help support these guys.
    • No-one is offended. But if you are so tolerant, surely you must accept that people can call out things they don't agree with?  It's everyone's absolute freedom to make any kind of joke they want, but then it must also be everyone's absolute freedom to speak against it?
    • I did not call him a misogynist. I said the joke was, and I do believe that one can tell such jokes without being one. It's perfectly possible to slip up and tell a joke and not consider what roots it might have. I'm no stranger to putting my foot in it myself from time to time.  That said, I'll keep out if these threads from now on and stick to the music part. It's clear that folks are pretty entrenched in their stands (I'm no different in this case) and it will only be one endless circular discussion where no-one moves an inches. Pointless.  Edit: I don't believe I owe him anything as I don't think I did what you claim. 
    • My C is always O. 
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