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    • This album isn't their best IMO, but it's still plenty good, and I feel like "more of the same" is actually a good thing for this band.  And/or puts into perspective how lousy Frontiers has been for most of this year. 
    • We might be a little too critical, but at least we're giving them a lot of views as we find all the faults. ;}
    • Love that Cindy Hatch.  ;}
    • The Defiants and Work of Art are fantastic imo. I don't bother rating anymore. 
    • Continuity fail on the video - the outside-the-cart sequences are filmed on a road with nothing in the near background.  The close-up stuff is right next to a mountain or in a tunnel or something, so there's stuff right outside the window.  But they alternate back and forth as if the two shots are occurring at the same time.
    • Nothing wrong with the vocals to me. Always liked Carl Dixon and Cindy Hatch, including his voice.  They played at Sweden Rock Festival once and I loved the set. Dixon also played with April Wine that same festival. 
    • Definitely not for me!
    • Listening today....pretty good.   Couple annoying moments with the Intro and Interlude....both kinda pointless.  The Interlude is more annoying to me as it just breaks up things that are flowing along well.  So it's really a 10 track album.  And for me Blue Virgin Isles is horribly boring...So for me it's really a 9 track album. The rest is all pretty solid though.  It starts out kinda with the heavy side of Degreed and seems to get more commercial as it goes along.   Initially, I think my early standouts are Lost Generation, Summer Of Love and Body Of Work.  Lost Generation is a pretty melodic type rocker, Summer of Love kind of a throwback mild melodic rocker and Body of Work just feels like typical Degreed with poppy and heavy elements blended together. Overall, feels maybe a bit more commercial than their previous efforts and can't say it's overly blowing me away.  At the same time though still good and some worthy additions to their catalog.  
    • The good old Foreigner feeling. Dig it.
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