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This riff is EVERYWHERE!


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Journey - Faithfully:

AWOL - Revolution:

Sunstorm - Follow Your Heart:

John Waite - Change:

Soldier - Tears:

Spys - Don't Run My Life:

Giant - Never Surrender:

Elec Man's Theme:

Seriously, it seems like every other AOR band has a song with this exact same melody. Did I miss any that sound just like these songs? Anyone know of any other AOR songs with this exact same tune?

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Haha, cool thread. Nicely collated. Never heard of AWOL or Soldier but I'm kind of interested in that Soldier stuff. Seems like they're very christian, but is that a good album? Something worth checking out?


That Spys song is dangerously identical...

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haha very good find, well in my opinion, maybe it's because the chord progression of C - Am - F - G or C - Am - F - C is very sensible for AOR/pop rock stuffs hence many writers found it basic to implement this thing and try to swing with other chords in the bridge and chorus.


Anyway, nice thread :D

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