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Dee Snider - We Are The Ones

Dead Planet

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I heard this album... not too bad at all. In all honesty, it is really tacky at times, and I'd even say embarrassing... but if you're looking at it on a purely song-level, it's not that bad. Nice modern rock.


Why it's embarrassing, is that Dee, who is older than the hands of time, unashamedly rips off 30 Seconds To Mars, several times, on this album. And whilst I like 30STM, and they're a good young band who write good stadium filling anthems for the youth of today... hearing a 97 year old guy who had recorded 15 albums before the guys in 30STM were even born, ripping off these kids is really, well, just a bit embarrassing.


That said, like I said, you take away the cheese and corn, and the songs are kinda cool and there's no doubt in the world that this is the best thing Dee Snider has done since Widowmaker's debut, so good on him. I didn't think he had it in him but this album's not bad. And I agree, the new version of 'We're not gonna take it' is far and away the album's worst moment.

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Sounds like it's pretty hit and miss.

For me, some of Dee's stuff since TS has been OK - Desperado and Widowmaker, some of it pretty average - Widowmaker, and some surprising - the Mack The Knife which I really like.
Then there is his other 'solo' stuff like Love Is For Suckers, which is excellent, and Heroes Are Hard To Find, which is probably his best song IMO.

If there are a few great songs I'll be happy.

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