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Marenna - No Regrets


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Sounds ok but very generic. Maybe 10 or more years ago I'd have been more interested.

The singers tone is kinda annoying to me, which is strange because he sounds like Juno Roxas.

In fact I'd describe the band as a cross between Roxus and DiAnno.

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I think the only issue I'm going to have with this is the super generic lyrics as featured on 'Never surrender,' which can really trouble me. But otherwise, I am still very fond of how this sounds. Just very 80's, which is a good thing.

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Perfect example of a band who shouldn't be in their film clip.
Or at least it should be way 'artier' with no close-ups and a shirt that isn't 3 sizes too small.
I don't mind the song when I am typing this, then when I look up I don't like it as much :)

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