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Max Haze

What do you think of our guest singer Mija?

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We have made two songs with Mija Holmqvist as our guest singer. This is one of the music videos. What do you think. Does she rock your boat?


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    • Lol. You're a wild, wild man. 
    • you sound like Trumps bum buddy 
    • Of course not. But I also think black people have killed white people before. And they've killed Asians and Indians etc. A lot of fucked up shit happens but you don't riot about it, do you?  But it's no point trying to be sensible in a world where anything and everything blows out of proportion. Fucking idiots are in complete control of the place. 
    • Yep, I agree. Use real bullets and clean the fucking thing up. Wipe all the fuckers out. And yes, I mean all of them - black and white and everything in between. I feel like that has to be mentioned specifically in this climate.
    • you seriously think this is about one cop kneeling on one guys neck? 
    • utter bollocks.  This goes way beyond COVID. What happens when there is no funding and we have next Ebola outbreak.  Such an outbreak in Africa could kill millions if the response is not swift and effective. Trump just centres blame on WHO to cover up his own cock ups and mis handling of the pandemic. 
    • Just a couple of comments; I'd make a guess that more or less, the same percentage of each race of different people in the world are racist. Which means that yes, I am saying there are probably, by percentage, just as many racist black people as there are racist white people. But in any of these races, it is not the majority and not even close to it.   What this shows more evidently, than ever, is that there is an overwhelming amount of truly, truly dumb cunts and there's no cap on where they will pop up. Because they're everywhere.  I feel sorry for the "normal" American in all this. The guy at home with his family, or going to work. Or, in these times, staying home from work until it returns. Who the fuck are all these fucking idiots? It is a terrible look for an allegedly civilised society. But! Obviously not to the extent of things in the US, make no mistake of it. I have heard of fucking moron protesters here in Australia and Europe etc. protesting the same thing. As I said, there is no limit as to where a dumb cunt will pop up. They're everywhere.  The cop who committed the crime has been charged, and I understand even the three other guys have now. Yet the country still looks like it does - mind blowing.
    • Angry Young Man - Jimi Jamison
    • Well Nolan, some get pushed over the edge by mouthy entitled, thugs who don't believe they have to answer when they get caught fucking up, I spent a good part of my life in trouble, and I knew better then to disrespect, taunt, bait, or fuck with the cops, cause I knew exactly what would happen, it's no different for blacks then whites, u see all these videos of "police brutality" interesting many of them start at the moment of aggression, not the lead up to what took place to get them there, interesting huh? Why does it get serious now? Well just to throw out there, they are rioting because a scumbag pig, killed a citizen, no that's not why, cause cop was a cracker and dude was black, so going out and killing a bunch of cops, is doing the exact thing their rioting over, oh and the thugs were black and cops were white, but that's different, on top of that, killing a cop is mandatory life, and now any chance of u working something out peacefully is gone, now the cops are really gonna be on their toes, who is trying to kill them and who isn't, 2 of my brothers are police, I've done ride alongs with both of them, the bullshit they put up with is just flooring, I came away saying, I would've tore those punk motherfuckers apart, he said, we cant do that, not a job for me, I couldnt anyway cause of my fabulous record.
    • He did not just cut funding, he cut ties completely, they are ran by China, u know the ones who cooked up Corona, that's why, if u look at their statements they said exactly what China told them too, allegedly
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