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Heartbanger - Through The Dark


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Review from melodic-hardrock.com:

Heartbanger is a musical project led by the musician/guitarist/songwriter Xavi Méndez. “Through The Dark” is the first album of this new melodic adventure and to consolidate it, Xavi has been accompanied by some friends and popular names of the national and international AOR scene. The debut includes collaborations from people like Tony Mills (SHY, TNT), Gabrielle De Val (The Val), Manu Esteve (Hardreams), Alberto Fernandez (Tokio) among many others…

The Heartbanger stylistic line is the classic 80s AOR (Survivor, Journey, Strangeways, Loverboy, FM, Foreigner and the like) with great presence of keyboards, great vocal harmonies and catchy choruses. It even offers some melodic metal on the only song on Spanish “Tierras De La Libertad” (featuring Angel Rubin on lead vocals).

This music takes you back to the 80s when songwriting concepts were breaking new ground. The material is in a straightforward rock musical direction with tight musicianship and good sound quality. The keyboard driven aor “The Last Chance Night” gets big credit for experimenting with non-conventional song structure. That keyboard riff is so awesome! And then combine it with all the other great instruments, and Manu Esteve’s perfect singing, and you have a true classic. The haunting keys on “You Came On Time” among the voice of Gabrielle De Val combine into a perfect melodious tune while Val’s voice is so awesome that reminds Leigh Matty’s voice of Romeo’s Daughter. Tony Mills simply kick ass on “Through The Dark” a smooth song that you can tap your feet mixed with intensity from Xavi’s edgy guitar. Manu deliver some strokes with his vocal abilities in “In Heaven” combine perfectly with the harmony guitar riffs, the heavenly keys and the layered vocals into an amazing aor anthem.

A very interesting debut album that appeal for fans of the 80s melodic rock sound, where Xavi Méndez givin’ heart and soul to deliver us this brilliant album which contains impressive guitar work, powerful vocal performances and a tight musicianship, while the massive use of keyboards enriches the sound all over.

Band Members
Xavi Mendez – Guitars
Alberto Fernandez – Keyboards
Paco Munoz – Drums
Luis Alvarez – Bass
Tony Mills – Vocals
Manu Esteve – Vocals
Gabrielle De Val – Vocals
Angel Rubin – Vocals
Ricard Flores – Bass
Marc Llado – Bass





01. Intro
02. The Last Chance Night
03. You Came on Time
04. Through the Dark
05. Always Remembered
06. The Only Thing
07. Tierras de la Libertad
08. In Heaven
09. Night Drive (Bonus Track)


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