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So before you all get your knickers all knotted up, this is NOT my favorite genre of music. Now a good lot of the music is listenable with some excellent clean harmonies, HOWEVER the screamo element is not my bag.


That said this lot has a cool name and this video for Glass Kingdom pays homage to some nifty 80's video elements. From the head windmill to those Cinderella guitar throws around the body (2:23).


Again lead vocally no thanks but a fun nod to the old school from a band that I am sure many Jr. High Schooler's are poppin' chubbies for.





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Absolutely, completely dime-a-dozen post-hardcore stuff... though I will give 'em one thing. Even though they sound identical to one billion of their peers, I actually can't think of a band who does all the screams with a male singer and the clean vocals with a female singer. I guess that aspect is a tad different, but it doesn't mean the song doesn't sound any less identical to a trillion others. Nice chorus, but definitely not worth the rest of it.


Oh, and cool band name. Silly, but I dig it.

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As for me I'm a melodic death metal fan for 20 years but honestly I always hated metalcore and the other -core shits. Just leave those Maiden riffs alone you stupid kids and go home screaming and whining.

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