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White Widdow - Silhouette


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From FB:

We're excited to announce the release details & cover art for our upcoming fourth album "Silhouette". The new album will be released at the end of November, once again on the AOR Heaven Label & features a song contribution from Erik Grönwall & Jona Tee from the Swedish Hard Rock band H.E.A.T.

"Silhouette" track listing - 1.Stranded, 2.Surrender My Heart, 3.Living For The Night, 4.Last Chance For Love, 5.Wild At Heart, 6.Damage Is Done, 7.Game Of Love, 8.Smile For The Camera, 9.Waited, 10.Sleeping With The Enemy

The first video from the album, "Surrender My Heart" will be released at the end of September, along with 2016 European Tour Dates & info on a Hometown Album Launch Party in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Steve Almanzi for the awesome album artwork.

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Oh... hello. How are you today, sexy news? Bar First Signal, my top ten this year has basically looked exactly the same since about the first of February. I fell like, aside from Fist Signal, there's basically been no quality albums released since the start of the year. I expect this to contend for the top spot and am very aroused by this news.

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Very nice. I wish the blonde was in the clip more. For my curiosity, is that the same drummer and bass player from the last album?

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Man, I have the same cool shirt to sport while dancing to it. Awesome urban dystopia!

Cool shirt? I didn't see a cool shirt. Just that Dynazty one. ;}

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