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Cornerstone - Reflections


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From their website:


New album 'REFLECTIONS' out now!


Now the time has come: since 09/09 the new album REFLECTIONS is commercially available at AMAZON, all good CD-stores and of course downloadable at ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, etc.. 'Reflections' was already presented at some radio stations in Europe (including BBC Radio), and in the next following weeks there will be a number of reviews and interviews in magazines and on other radio stations as well. After a five-month production period in the Vespa Studios in Toronto, Canada with top producer Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN BILLY TALENT, MUSE, ...) it can be said that the album is a huge step forward, especially sondwise. It is not without reason that Hess has worked with such well-known artists, he gave the recordings his own personal touch. "I wanted an absolutely radio friendly, keyboard-oriented sound like Savage Garden, Steve, on the other hand wanted something rougher like Gun's Roses" said bassist Michael. "But Harry has simply turned up the guitars and the drums and finally produced something that neither sounded like 'Affirmation' nor 'Appetite for Destruction', but completely unique. We are very satisfied with 'Reflections' and it’s an an enormous development to the last album 'Somewhere in America'.”










01. Nothing To Lose
02. Last Night
03. Heart On Fire
04. Whatever
05. True Confessions
06. Northern Light
07. Brother
08. Sooner Or Later
09. Believe In Me
10. Once

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I just tried out 'Last night' - I really like it. Really awkward clip, but nice, very catchy pop rock song. I am interested.

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