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Speed Stroke - Fury


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From www.baganarock.com:


Speed Stroke is a Rock n Roll band based in Italy, started in the summer 2010. They had their debut in the internationally distributed official Tribute Album to Dave Lepard ( Crashdiet). “Reborn In Sleaze” 2011 Via Street Symphonies Records, where they perform the single “Riot in Everyone”.


In December 2011 they’ve realeased their first song “Age of Rock n Roll”, that has played the role offirst single included in their debut album “Speed Stroke” (Buil2kill Records/ Nadir Promotions), released in March 2013, warmly welcomed by critics and fans.


On February 9th, 2014 they’ve shot their first videoclip produced by VMultimedia to valorize their work.
The chosen song was “Sick of You” ,first track of the album, reaching awesome results.


Thank to the deal signed with Jack Rock Agency and then Bagana Rock Agency, they had the chance to promotetheir jewel all around Italy and more, playing more than 200 live shows in 4 years, some with artists likeShameless/Tuff, Labyrinth, Sister, Tigertailz, Kissin’ Dinamite, Pino Scotto,Confess, Living Dead Lights,Hardcore Superstar and the almighty STEEL PANTHER.


Now they’re ready to shine again, after a long writing and recording process, with their new album ” Fury” out on March 5th 2016 supported by the new video of “Demon Alcohol” and an intense tour.







01 – Demon Alcohol
02 – Break Your Bones
03 – Bet It All
04 – From Scars To Stars
05 – The End Of This Flight
06 – 1 More 1
07 – Believe In Me
08 – City Lights
09 – Lock Without A Key
10 – Love In A Cage
11 – Monnaliesa




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  • My Little Pony

The music and backing vox sound great, but I really don't dig the lead singers voice.

Italian band? Yeah, I doubt I'll dig the vocals, too.

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    • Pretty crazy, what's going on in China at the moment. Thank goodness you'd never see something like that happen in Austra- oh. Uh, as you were. There must be plenty of videos like this out and about at the moment-    
    • Haha, a couple of you guys keeping pretty quiet about changed minds on synthwave, after being pretty vocal about how terrible it is/was? I must say, I never got into the dark synth stuff like Dance With The Dead... more for the fact that I need vocals with the synthwave I really dig. I've actually heard a few dark synth bands this year I've passed on, with vocals, that I wonder if there'd be interest in here? Just gotta try to remember who they were...  As for the best of the year, not sure what to make of this year. There's an absolute tonne of good to very good albums, but when I look at the top end I'm not exactly blown away by any amazing albums. Good ones, and a lot of really excellent songs this year... but my highest rated album this year is 82%... which is a good album, but nothing looks like even threatening the 90% mark this year, which seems extremely unusual. The best of last year, for instance, seems a lot better than the best of this year. Still, I can't complain as there's been a lot of good music... just not as many great entire albums. 
    • Another band ruined by frontiers.
    • Yeah, sad news. Even though she was a quiet achiever in that group with Stevie getting most of the attention, she sings Lead on two of my favourite "Fleetwood Mac" tracks. "Little Lies" is a Killer. R.I.P.      
    • For me, "Run-D.M.C." in '88 on their "Tougher Than Leather" tour when I was 16. A bit left field, but I loved these guys in my early teens. They weren't afraid to embrace Hard Rock guitars in their music.    
    • I was there too mate. You can't beat the atmosphere of a concert "in the round". I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.
    • Keep a lid on it 
    • This one looks like a fun ride....  
    • I keep sticking with the band but my initial thoughts are that this is basically hookless. I sure hope this was just released as the first single cause it is loud and fast and isn't considered the best song on the upcoming album.
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