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DGM - Italian Progressive Metal Band


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I'd never even heard of these guys until a few days ago. Checked out a few tracks on YouTube, and holy shit, if their stuff isn't right up my alley. The more I listened to, the more I was astounded that I HADN'T heard of them before. Top notch progressive metal with riffs aplenty and wicked keyboards. Highly recommended for fans of the genre. Two big thumbs up.

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Not a fan of the genre but love this album, maybe it's the voice or the above average hard rock influence which does it for me. I didn't know this band either until around a month ago, heard two tracks off the new record on Youtube and decided I was gonna get it. Got their last album, 2013's ''Momentum'' but didn't like it as much, I think their other output might not be for me either (too much on the proggy side) but I might give it a shot at a later time. I hope they continue in the direction of the current album though


Back to the current album: Really great songs, some ''typical'' prog elements like double kick drums etc. which I don't like too much but it's never for too long until the next great melodic chorus or solo comes along which keeps things interesting. The solos are not too technical which is what I like, melodic with lots of feeling and a nice guitar sound with plenty of goosebump moments


Also a lot of credit has to go to the singer, great performance on all of the songs which accounts for quite a few of the album's highlights


To the guys on here more familiar with the prog genre: Is there more stuff like this around?? I feel this is an exception in the prog realm but any recommendations are welcome. Not a fan of Dream Theater and the like but if you know of bands that sound like DGM on this new album let me know

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