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Rags n riches - Australian sleaze from the vaults


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Rags N Riches - Shipped Wrecked Out In The Street
Rags N Riches - Australia

Ginn - One Man Army

1st time on CD!
silver pressed!
limited to 250 of each so get in quick!


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I hate these limited pressings. I almost feel pushed to purchase it now as later it will be crazy expensive and impossible to find. I'm still mad at myself that I didn't get Jones Street.


They're limited only becasue they're independent artists and they generally have the ability and finances to put out a single pressing of something like this. It's not financially viable for them to do a 2000 print run. Not becasue they dont want to sell 50,000 copies, but becasue 250 is are more risk vs. probable sale quantity.


Scott Ginn, who has released these has done it simply so he can finally put put some of his music he has had locked away for so long, rather than it disappear forever. That's why he's only charging $AUD10 ($US7.50) for the cds. He wants people to get the music in their hands and he just wants to cover his costs.


So he's not doing this to make it impossible to get Jacob, but in saying that they I can't see these being around forever. (I believe he had sold 50 on the first day!)

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