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Hardreams is no more

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[Just came through email. Email was in Spanish, so the content below is via Google translate. You can get the gist. -Dan]




Hello everybody,


This time we have to give a bad news ... news you expect and want to have to never give ... but unfortunately that day has arrived.


Hardreams inform you that we have decided, by mutual agreement, put an end to our career as a band. Everything has a time and ours he concludes here.


Behind we sixteen years of uninterrupted four studio albums and one live, work which we feel very, very proud, a great number of concerts, in which We share the stage with magnificent formations this country and some of the larger international groups and soloists of our style, plus or n lot of good stories that We remember a lifetime.


There have also been, of course, difficulties and some obstacles along the way to take forward our proposal, but we leave all that behind and we were the good times we have experienced and enjoyed.


When we started our journey "hard dream" that referred to by our name, form a melodic hard rock band in a country really complicated, for a type of music like ours, with the dual aim of enjoy ourselves on the one hand and another, trying to get as far as possible with our music. And that dream we have come true, with profit. With hard work and effort we can overcome many goals that seemed unattainable.


We'll always have music we have created, we expect you to continue listening, enjoying and feeling, even more than it we did, composing it, recording it and playing it live.


Eternally grateful to everyone You have supported us over the years; press, radio, websites, promoters, record labels, venues, friends bands, managers, technicians, s friends, family, etc., to former members, who since social networks follow us from all the planet, especially the wonderful audience who accompanied us on the concerts, which encouraged us, who he offered us their love and gave us strength to go on. You will always be in our memories ...


Billion thanks to everyone and every one of you, heart.


He has been an honor, a hard dream come true.

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The main problem of this band is the heavily accented vocal and probably formulaic arrangement.

I think their last album was criticized quite harshly around the net so maybe those put em off and decided to walk away.

I still recall the early albums are quite good

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