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Good Charlotte - 40 oz Dream


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Nope, sorry.


Sounds like Bowling For Soup's "1989" to me. Posted because the band is from Maryland and some people like this modern stuff.


Don't like it either.

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Dudes. Dudes, dudes... dudes.


I've actually never made it through a full GC album, but for whatever reason I elected to give the new one a go. I hadn't heard this song yet (thankfully, as it is most likely the weakest song on the album) but seriously dudes, these guys have a genuinely good album on their hands with this new one. Really good full rock production without the pop leanings I expect from these guys.


The album is a completely commercial modern rock album... the kind that has sunk many other bands that seemed to be going just fine before they elected to do so, but it's good. Some of the lyrics are definitely questionable, but seriously dudes, give this album a proper go. I was pleasantly surprised.

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If anyone bothered to give that last album a go, they've actually followed it up with another very "commercial" rock album. It's called 'Generation Rx' and it's only 8 songs (9 minus the intro). Bit mopey, but I do like this song;


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