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Boris is the new Foreign Secretary for Britain

Dead Planet

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I must admit to being in the dark about this guy until I heard his name after Brexit.....so here are a few lines from a newspaper article that I just read.....


"The reaction to his surprise appointment as foreign secretary in British Prime Minister Theresa May's new Conservative Cabinet has been swift and blunt: His French counterpart called him a liar, the Germans say he’s irresponsible, and a British legislator believes it’s the worst political appointment since Roman emperor Caligula made his horse a senator."


"Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed inclined to let bygones be bygones even though Johnson had described him as a “ruthless and manipulative tyrant” and suggested he looked like a Harry Potter character, the wizened elf Dobby."


Damn Boris is right ...he does look like Dobby...lol


"There was no word from Hillary Clinton’s camp on whether she had forgiven his 2007 description of her as resembling “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.” And Donald Trump didn’t indicate his feelings about Johnson’s statement that he would avoid certain parts of New York City because of the “real risk of meeting Donald Trump.”





"When Johnson returned to his London home after the appointment, a neighbour placed a sign next to his house saying: “SORRY WORLD.”







All I can say is things should be interesting in Britain for awhile....if he loses his job he can make it as a standup comedian because he is one funny politician...!


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I like the guy. He's a sharp cookie underneath and answers most questions he's asked honestly. I think he could surprise a few people and do a good job.

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For a minute i though Jez was referring to the leader of the Labour party - who IS a clown.


Anyway back to Boris.


Shrewd operator this guy - perfectly engineered himself a top government role. Underneath the charade the man is no fool and will 100% operate in the best interests of the UK.


And for anyone who claims he lied to voters over Brexit (which of course is bollocks) i will just quote our main man Mr Juncker himself -


"When the going gets tough, you lie"

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