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Popular songs that you never really took to.


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Only recently I was able to get in to God Of Thunder, never really took to it.

Still don't like I Still Love You and I Love It Loud (although I accept this works really well in concert)

Dr. Feelgood took me a while to appreciate.

Pretty much the whole first LA Gins album. Same with Great White Shot In The Dark.

The Headless Children was never really a stand out for me,

Teasin' Pleasin' I always saw as a crappy song.

Big Guns and Rattlesnake Shake - Skid Row

Also Captain Howdy was boring to me.


What songs don't you like that people won't understand way?

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  • My Little Pony

Not sure if LA Gins would be a great drink, or an absolute travesty of a concoction.

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