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Pretty Boy Floyd - Public Enemies


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From FB:


Pretty Boy Floyd in proud to announce that our true follow up to the Billboard top 200 record and Glam Sleaze underground sensation around the world Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz wll be put on on Frontier Records. We are truly excited for this brand new release and if you enjoyed Leather Boyz and some of our other releases,eps,demo records,tributes etc this will blow you away. More news and show dates announced shortly. For new merchandise packages check out links in comments. We just put up a Kristy Majors package as well as a Kiss of Death clear Vinyl pack. Have a great weekend.

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Absolutely loved PBF back in the day. I discovered L.B.W.E.T. quite by accident when the cassette tape was playing in the store while I was in Musicland at the local mall sometime in 1990. I played the hell out of that tape the next couple years.


They've pretty much been recycling a majority of those original tunes ever since.


On a somber note, I took part in the estate sale of Vinnie Chas after he passed away. I drop-in estate sales whenever I see the signs during the weekend, and his house was one ( i had no idea until I was actually inside the house). Naturally there was a LOT of PBF memorabilia. I purchased a few things, but prices on much of it were out of this world. I mean they were asking like $10.00 each for 1990's Hit Parader Magazines, for instance.


My regret is not buying the entire lot of VHS Tapes that were in his garage. My buddy bought one which simply said "MOTLEY CRUE" on the outside, and it was an audience recording of one of their gigs from the Theater Of Pain Tour. There were HUNDREDS of VHS tapes in numerous boxes out there. God only knows what I passed-up????? I think they were asking $1.00 each, but I'm sure they would have accepted less had I bought them all.

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Love the debut a lot and lookin' forward to hear this new stuff although I'm skeptical if it's gonna be good :D

Last cover album is quite a disaster if I remember correctly

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From Frontiers:

BREAKING NEWS: Pretty Boy Floyd Are Back With New Album, “Public Enemies”! Out December 1, 2017!

Pre-orders available here: www.frontiers.shop

“Public Enemies” is EXACTLY what’d you expect from these seasoned The Sunset Strip veterans! A fun record meant to be played at maximum volume to help you forget about your worries, of which we all have plenty these days.

Kristy Majors says “Staying loyal to our 1980’s roots, “Public Enemies” is a true follow up to the classic “Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz”.

Not too long ago, when rock was about having a good time, letting your hair down and creating chaos and anarchy, four guys got together in Hollywood and formed a band. NYC guitarist Kristy Majors hooked up with west coast front man Steve Summers and laid the foundation for their dream band. They worked, wrote songs and played and played and played. The band chose the name “Pretty Boy Floyd” because it seemed to describe them - four tough teens armed with guitar licks and teenage angst who set out to conquer the world.

As the new millennium rolled in, new music fans began to wonder what they had missed back in the heyday of ‘80s and early ‘90s sleaze rock. A whole new breed of young fans who weren’t born when the band first emerged began to discover their music. The original fans from back in the day and the new fans found common ground - a love of Pretty Boy Floyd’s music, sleazy shows, and fun times. Never mind what the critics think, or what trends may have come and gone. Having outlasted many of the critics who cried “they’ll never make it,“ Pretty Boy Floyd continues to record and tour the world winning over news fans both young and old.



1. S.A.T.A.
2. Feel The Heat
3. High School Queen
4. Girls All Over The World
5. American Dream
6. We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday
7. We Got The Power
8. Do Ya Wanna Rock
9. Run For Your Life
10. Shock The World
11. Paint It On
12. 7 Minutes In Heaven
13. Star Chaser
14. So Young So Bad

PRODUCED BY : Kristy Majors & Keri Kelli
STUDIO: Highway To Hell Studios, Mixed at Maple Studios
RECORDED BY: Kristy Majors & Keri Kelli
MIXED BY: Cameron Webb 
MASTERED BY: Andrew Alekel

Kristy Majors - Guitars, Background Vocals 
Steve Summers – Lead Vocals 
JK Famous – Bass, Background Vocals 
Jimmy Mess - Drums & Back Ground Vocals

Pretty Boy Floyd Links: 
• Website: http://www.prettyboyfloydband.com/
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prettyboyfloydofficial/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/PBF323



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I am a sucker for these guys. The debut is one of my favourite albums ever, and the rest of their career has had some highs and lows as far as songs go.

Its well documented that the debut benefitted greatly from Ariel Styles written songs, even though he was out of the band by then.

Looking at those song titles, there are a few of his songs on this too.

7 minutes in heaven, has appeared on one of the PBF Vault albums before, and was also recorded by Doll.

Shock the world was also on one of the Vault albums, and also re-recorded by Shameless.

And We can't bring back yesterday is one of my favourite ballads by them,  and to my knowledge has never officially been released in its original form (only the rewritten version on Porn stars "Summer Luv")

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Wow, what a curveball I was not expecting. Like Dr Howdy, I am a massive fan of this band... the debut is one of my all-time favourites. It has been a very mixed back for them, release-wise. 

If they have access to these songs from their vault... as you point out, Howdy, I don't know why they don't just go back and record them all. First of all, they need to record and release 'Tonight Belongs To The Young' (or whatever the second album would have been called) as it was meant to be. There's just too many great demos in their archives for so many of them to remain unrecorded... properly. 

Anyway, I love the debut, 'Porn Stars' and a mass of their demos. But their last studio album, 'Size really does matter,' was terrible, and a huge departure from their sound. The first track here, and the fact that there are those three old songs on here... it's suggesting we could be up for a cheeky little gem here. I had no idea this was coming, but it's right up the top of my most anticipated immediately. 


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What makes this even more amazing is the shit between Majors and Summers. I never saw so much childish name calling etc than I saw a few years ago between them two. Actually, thats not fair to Steve really as he pretty much kept quiet while the music thief, Majors did all the childish insults.

Between the two Vault CDs, Tonight belongs to the young and a few unreleased demos I have, they easily had a great second (and maybe 3rd) album in them. Maybe not at the level of the debut, but certainly a worthy follow up.

Steve obviously knew some songs were worthy of a wider release, which is why he happily recorded a few PBF songs with Shameless.


I just hope the album is all in the classic sound of this song and the three I already know, and Majors can a: stop with his Ramones obsession. And b: not steal other peoples songs and claim he wrote them.

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On 6/15/2016 at 5:46 PM, AlphaMale said:

Boy.... they aren't very pretty anymore! :lol:

LMAO!!! ^ that comment made me laugh really hard ^ Unfortunately nothing we can do about them aging. I still really love his voice though. That's enough to make me listen to it

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On 11/23/2017 at 5:44 AM, kourosofsteel3 said:

Spinning this right now, love it! I cannot see me taking just a look and not touching...

Does it sound anything like their early stuff?

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23 minutes ago, AlphaMale said:

Yeah... what she said.

We should just listen to it and judge for ourselves

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I don't understand why 'Tonight belongs to the young' and 'Hands off my radio' weren't the first two songs these guys ever re-recorded. Easily two of their best songs ever. And they still only remain as awful sounding demos. So sad. 

I don't mind the new album, but the highlights are definitely the older songs re-recorded. 'We can't bring back yesterday' was in desperate need of a re-recording too, and thankfully they've done that. 'We got the power' is cool too. I'm not really sure about a few of what I guess are the new songs, but there is some good stuff here - especially the older stuff. 

The Tales From The Porn release, with Stevie Rachelle (Shameless vocal-buddies) is the better of the two releases. 

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Seeing as  every song, except the two cover songs and the intro have Ariel Styles writing credits, then all of these songs are old.

For the record the two covers are So young so bad (Starz) and Run for you life (unrelease Crue demo).

I agree with Geoff though that it makes no sense that Hands off and Tonight are missing.

Of the collection of demos I have had for years, those two and We cant bring back yesterday, were easily the best.

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On 11/30/2017 at 4:53 AM, AlphaMale said:

Yeah... what she said.



Yeah, great lp. I cannot stop listening to it.  I ordered it on vinyl. It particularly gets gold after first couple of tracks.  

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On 11/25/2017 at 12:21 AM, AmMaLaYa said:

Does it sound anything like their early stuff?

The honest answer is yes (because pretty much all of it was written at around the same time as the debut), and no (none of the songs on this are as catchy as anything on the debut, which is why they were not on that album I guess).

Overall it IS classic PBF, and a great release, but the fact they had to go back and re-record these old songs kinda shows you that Kristy could only ever write one great song (his writing credits on this one are a joke, and another example of him claiming other peoples work as his own).


Regardless of my feelings about Kristy and his business practices, I do love this album. One of my faves this year no doubt.

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