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Kissin' Dynamite - Generation Goodbye


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New album out July 8th.


From afm-records.de:

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, a hard rock band from the beautiful South of Germany, is one of the most energetic, active and professional groups of the current scene. Still being young of age (average 25 years), KISSIN’ DYNAMITE have achieved so much in their almost 10 years of history: they’ve tasted chart success for the first time with ‘Addicted To Metal’ (#91), reached the Top 50 with ‘Money, Sex & Power’ in 2012 and just two years later delivered their first Top 20 album, ’Megalomania’, which entered the album chart in Germany on #17! The following headlining tour proved that the band’s fanbase has grown enormously. 2016 sees KISSIN’ DYNAMITEmore confident than ever before: A band whose members are young but very experienced already, who have toured the world, advanced as songwriters and matured as performers. ‘Generation Goodbye', their newest creation, is proof of that. Welcome to the champion’s league!



Line Up:
Hannes Braun – Vocals
Ande Braun – Guitar
Jim Müller - Guitar
Steffen Haile - Bass
Andi Schnitzer - Drums





01 Generation Goodbye
02 Hashtag Your Life
03 If Clocks Were Running Backwards
04 Somebody To Hate
05 She Came She Saw
06 Highlight Zone
07 Masterpiece
08 Flying Colours
09 Under Friendly Fire
10 Larger Than Life
11 Utopia

Digipak Bonus Tracks:
12 Living In The Fastlane
13 Only The Good Die Young (Acoustic Version)
14 Ticket To Paradise (Live)
15 I Will Be King (Live)

Digipak DVD:

- Kissin‘ Dynamite Tour Documentary (ca. 20 Min.)

Live Clips
- Ticket To Paradise
- I Will Be King

Music Clips
- I Will Be King
- Six Feet Under
- Money, Sex and Power
- Fireflies (Lyric Video)
- Hashtag Your Life

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Anyone interested in live tracks as extras?
I much prefer acoustic versions if they can change them up enough.
Or even better, a couple of the songs that didn't fit the vibe of the record as extras.

For live track, if I'm interested, which is rare these days, I'll get a live album.

Pretty unique when the live track supplies interest in that version.
Tesla did it well, Kiss were unique in that the band and songs progressed a lot and the live versions were sometimes better than the originals (RNR All Nite)

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Although not much of a compliment considering what I think of their first two albums, I actually think this is their best so far. It's still just a 70% type release from an average band, but it's okay for what it is.

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