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Gene The Werewolf - The Loner


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I'm gonna rate this using my great, good, ok, average, filler criteria.

Overall there are some great songs on this.


1. The Walking Dead feat. Reb Beach - ok - This song doesn't really do it for me. Typical album opener.
2. Boogeyman - great - Funky and fun. Certainly not afraid to make a song the way he wants to.
3. Too Kool for Skool - good - Nice and catchy as well. I fond myself tapping the steering wheel when this comes on.
4. The Loner - great - probably my favorite on the album. Not sure if this was the first single (does that even matter any more?) Cruisy, hookey song.
5. Let It Loose - ok - feel like this one had promise but slid into AC/DC territory a bit.
6. A World to Rely On - ok - again a bit AC/DCish at times, repeating the chorus as an echo is a bit ordinary.
7. Fortune & Fame - ok - don't really like the chorus again.
8. Easy Woman - great - nice medium paced swingy rocker
9. If You Want Me - great - Catchy. Could be a single.
10. The Best I Can - great - love the piano, very catchy, poppy song.

Along with Tango Down, this album is a stand out for me this year.
Does take a few listens to get the songs, but often they are the songs that stay with you long term, rather than the ones you like instantly but also tire of quickly.
Always expect rough as guts trashy rockers from Gene, and he always surprises me with his refined sound and often laid back and bluesy songs.
***edit - haha, just saw that the first single above was The Walking Dead which ain't really my cup of tea. Not really surprised at that lol
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I didn't even know this was out there. And I don't even know if I want to know. I don't like the above song... may check the album out, though. Maybe...

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