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Just wanted to say.....

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Thanks for the awesome forum and websites.Its great to have a place to communicate with other people with the same taste in awesome music.Also I believe you dont have Cary Newell in your N category of artists.He's an American musician from Pennsylvania I believe.If you're interested in his music check out tracks such as "Lyfestyles Unlimited" or "The Last Goodbye" on reverb nation's website.Thanks,love,peace,and chicken grease....

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    • greed,very much in the vein(not as good as) Wild Rose and last years  Odyssey Desperado,very safe but why oh why make a lyric video when the lyricas are so silly? Is it just to emphasise it?
    • lol @ the lyrics. This reminds me of that recent band that had very bad lyrics and cool melodies. But it's cool like those bands like Wild Rose, and others I can't think of at the moment. The one that starts with an L? Who knows... but it's nice safe melodic rock with silly lyrics. 
    • And here it is... it's on now?! Oh well, here it is. One of the coolest songs I've been enjoying in 2018, and probably AW's best song to date;  
    • I don't know where we've been posting about new releases from these guys through the years, but they've been churning them out at a decent level. There's a cool tune on the new album referencing this dream of theirs; that they're not in it for success but for the love of the music. Anyway... They haven't been setting my world alight, and no album compares to their debut, but they're okay. Anyway, the new mini-album (7 tracks) is mostly more of the same. But there is one song that has actually set my 2018 playlist on fire, which I think a lot of people here would like.  And, just found out it's not on youtube.   But it's called 'Get It On' and I'll try to post it when it's available. Get your ears on it if you can. It actually may appeal to the synthwave fans here... not that it's a synthwave song. But it's well off the AW beaten track... but in a great way.  This song is quite fine too, though, just to have something to post;  
    • Sounds worth checking out. I will seek. 
    • Yumsex. I still can't for the life of me understand why Steve West didn't play drums on the debut The Defiants album... kinda sad to see him and Bruno apart for what I am guessing might be the first time in their post D2 playing career? No, I lie. Westworld. But generally, the two have been together in everything and I was surprised when Mr West wasn't on The Defiants album. Good to hear he is home again.  And I agree - Eclipse and The Defiants is a nice start to 2019 for sure. 
    • Hmmm. There is a great song in there. But I also hear a bit of POL-ism that actually brings the song back a few pegs. If it was let to run free it'd be great... but yeah, just get rid of any POL influence please. Still, pretty cool tune. 
    • Yeah, I would agree with that as well.  

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