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Eternity's End - Fire From Within (2016)


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Ian Parry (V)

Christian Muenzner (G)

Jimmy Pitts (K)

Linus Klausenitzer (Bs)

Hannes Grossmann (D)

Eternity's End - Fire From Within (Power Prog Records/2016)

1. The Fire Within

2. Demonblade

3. The Hourglass

4. Eagle Divine

5. White Lies

6. Twilight Warrior

7. Chains Of The Earth

8. The Dark Tower

9. Moonstruck

10. The Fall Of The House Of Usher

Thanx to my beloved Spotify, I've discovered that pappy Parry is still going strong!

And Christian Muenzner is my new guitar hero. Amazing release in all departments. Sing along verses/choruses, headbanging riffs, clever and complex arrangements for virtuosity to flow, breathtaking guitar/keys battles (reminds me Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey ) amazing interludes and spectacular leads/arpeggios.

I've been sold to this for today! Still have to figure its replay value, a major problem I have with these kind or releases. For the moment I like to pretend that the aging bouquet is here.

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got 78% for this one, pretty good album, what's your score mate ?




Need ore spins after 3-4 months, because usually I'm overexcited on neoclassical/power metal monsters like this and I need desperately triangulation.



Still Twilight Warrior rules majorly.

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