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VERY stunned that there isn't a thread about this Chilean glamy rock band. Some super stuff! Party tonight is a window down cruising the waterfront classic if there ever was one... and the others are quite tasty hard rockin' numbers.


Looks as if the long play Rock N Roll Under Attack was released in early 2015 and according to their FB they are still playing shows and active. Also looks as if a good number of demo's milling about.














1. Heavy Metal Angels
2. Shooting Star
4. Say Goodbye I Love My
5. Lady Wild
6. Party Tonite
7. Latina Girl
8. Just Another Night
9. Taking over
10. Ride Or Die
11. When The Roses Die
12.- Speed ​​Of The Wind
13. Never Let You Go

14. Raise Your Fist



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  • My Little Pony

Definitely gonna wanna hear "Latina Girl" once I'm home. Hope it's as good as I imagine it should be.

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Been playing Exxocet for a while now... good stuff


Yes, this creepy christian showed me this band the other day and I was all like you should share it here so people could spank your bottom - he likes that. Especially if you have frisky fingers. But yeah, sounds real nice.

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Hi there! I'm one of the guitarists from Exxocet.
Guys, I really, really appreciate your opinion and support. We're still playing here in our country and we're in the process of recording our second album. We're still focusing on getting a little bit bigger here in Chile, so we are extremely grateful for the help we get in promoting us outside of Chile.
Also, I don't know why the hell the tracklist here is written with those errors, lol. We are extremely careful with our english, both in lyrics and in our pronounciation.

Thanks again for the support, we hope you carry on following us on our adventure of playing Hard Rock in a country literally in the ass of the world. You can follow the band on Facebook/YouTube/Instagram and listen to us on Spotify, Apple Music & many other digital platforms.

Cheers from Chile!

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I don't think I ever came back and commented on that debut album. In the end I didn't really like it at all because I barely understood a word on it... and it was just pretty weak. That said, new song is far easier to understand and sounds pretty decent.

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Have we discussed the new album, 'Mighty Jungle' on here at all? 

Vocals much easier to understand this time around and it's a pretty decent very much 80's inspired hard rock album. I don't love the thing, but I do really love one song on it;


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