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Angie Tribeca


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So nobody else is now addicted and fiends for this show? Im admitting right here and now, I am a junkie, it's so nice to see a show go off the fucking formula driven new tv show path, and just be fucking retarded, I am prejudice because I love Kentucky Fried Movie, and Airplane, but that kind of comedy as funny as it can be when done right, can be as equally fucking horrible when done wrong(see anything other then those 2 movies and possibly Naked Gun) but I found myself laughing out loud hysterically at some of the creative shit in Angie Tribeca, I have watched the entire season now 3 times, and I still pick up shit that I missed the other times, but the absolute greatest, Steve Carrells obvious love of early 80's pop and pop rock! when Angie's new partner was introduced, I literally blew Mt Dew out my nose laughing, Detective Jay Geils, and the ventriloquist episode, the book written by the missing Ventriloquist called the Alan Parsons Project, holy shit, only certain people would even pick up on that shit.

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It premiered on TBS so if you get basic cable, you got this show, it's a cop show starring Rashida Jones, daughter of the really hot bitch from the 70s show Mod Squad and Quincy Jones the musician, it's a new sitcom by Steve Carrell (40 year old virgin and The Office) and his wife, and it's complete slapstick comedy, in the vein of Airplane and Kentucky Fried Movie, you know that stupid shit, but it's high brow, extremely well done, with so many undertones u literally have to watch it a few times to pick up on all the bullshit going on, it's totally stupid, but totally brilliant at the same time, it's finished now, the new season starts June 6th, it comes on Monday night on TBS, id tell you to check it out if you have Comcast on demand but they just pulled it from there, they had a telethone before it aired in January, and they showed every episode for 42 hrs straight as in they showed the entire season before it even aired, if your into high educated better then everyone else comedys, don't even bother watching it., watch one episode and I think you'll know where you stand on it, it's not for everyone, but it's stupid enough Im a die hard fan, and they got all sorts of cameos by big name stars in each episode,bill murray is in one, the bitch from friends is in one, and they even have a smoking rule breaking detective named dave Hoffman, he just happens to be a german shepard,. hilarious shit., since Comcast pulled it off a few days ago, I don't know where to watch it, look around the internet, but if your into stupid shit like Airplane then you gotta watch it, especially for Detective Jay Geills, he's great.

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I have basic internet, which means I have access to all shows. ;}


Does TBS air in Canada? I assume anyone who wants to check it out bad enough will go find it, I was giving the info behind it, seeing nobody seems to even know what it is, now you do so go use the net and knock yourself out,


And if you watched the episode I posted, a special Cameo by Slash caught your eye, though he's looking mighty fat, it is him!

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Just watched the start through that link. Looks like my type of shit - funny. Just wish I had the time to download and watch stuff like this, but I'll make a note of it.

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I have basic internet, which means I have access to all shows. ;}

Does TBS air in Canada?

Man, I have no idea. I haven't watched cable TV in 10 years. It's all been via internet for a long time. Cable became obsolete the moment I found out I could download my shows, and never watch a commercial ever again.

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    • Ridiculous. Wait until you see the kids one I'm talking about. Appallingly untruthful.
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    • Only caught the highlights, but man, that second goal the Aussies conceded was pure pain to watch. Still cringing just thinking about it. Shame, because otherwise they had a brilliant tournament. It would have been close to a miracle for them to get past Argentina, so I look at the team and their efforts with pride. Oh, and that last minute shot the Aussie dude had... what could have been. But yeah, they gave it a really good crack. As for my Plan B, sorry 'Mericans, but I was very happy to see the mighty Dutch get through and, as per every other world cup, lol, my interest now turns to seeing what they can do. Would actually really love to see them win the thing.  Oh, and speaking of stuff, how awesome were some of the goals from Switzerland in their match vs Serbia. Very impressive. 
    • Simple sound quality / production, but sounds nice. 
    • Nice. Yeah, I don't know mate. Of the songs I posted above, the two from the second album actually seem to be better sound quality than the first. Hard to say if that's across the board, though, or if the sound varies from demo to demo. 
    • I was trying to find the ad running here too, but also couldn't find it on the web. Some moronic thing about there being a new wave or strain or something so we should all wear masks indoors and crowded spaces. We even got a note from our school the other day that in order to go and watch a Christmas assembly the kids are doing, parents will be required to wear a mask now, because of an alleged surge of cases in the local area.  What's become blatantly obvious to me in the last few years is that we are communicated to as if we're all absolute morons. Whether it's via our government or the media, we are spoken to like braindead pieces of shit. Sadly, in many cases they're spot on, hitting their target audience. But as someone with some semblance of a brain (and not even much of it, to be fair), I just simply don't get it. 
    • Yeah, price of tickets. I just saw half priced tickets on Tuesdays for a limited time here too. I don't know what full prices are, but maybe they're only a couple of hundred dollars on Tuesdays.
    • I like it. To bad it’s just a digital and cassette release.
    • Doing you meaning Kent is the vocalist version of ADV.
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