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Reckless Love & Santa Cruz - Scala, London 31/03/16

Captain Howdy

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I have seen Reckless Love way too many times to count now, and only got to see Santa Cruz for the first time last year, and both put on a great show.

Now seeing as both are Finnish and on Spinefarm, I said early last year that RL should really take SC out on tour as support, and this year we actually got that.

No way was I gonna miss out on two of my favourite modern acts.


Good thing is as well, as there were no other supports, Santa Cruz actually got a decent length set which equated to 10 songs (stretched out to 11 with an impromptu cover), and nearly an hour on stage.


As with the Borderline gig last year, they were once again fantastic, but with the bigger stage, they could be a lot more energetic.


The venue was packed from the off, with queues still coming into the building only minutes before their set, and they got a great reception, with a good portion of the crowd actually being fans.


Reckless Love put on their usual, tight, high energy set, but did seem to rush through their set somewhat.

Only downside to this show was the fact that some classic tunes were dropped in favour of the weaker songs from the new album, but that was expected.


Overall, I would say this was the weakest show I have seen by RL, but that was due to the new songs and the fact that I am so hyped up on Santa Cruz these days.

I would not say SC blew them away by any means, but I will say that I preferred their set.

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Lucky bastard... would love to witness this.


Funniest moment of the night was during Scandinavian girls, and Santa Cruz came out dressed as women.

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