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ToxicRose - Total Tranquility


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I am not particularly fond of that one. Everything about it says it should be pretty good, but it's just a really average tune. Still hopeful this could be a good album.

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Am I the only one that thinks the front man looks like this guy?



Seriously though I've caught these clips on Facebook. Looks like another badass album from Toxic Rose. Well maybe this will actually be a full album. It sucks they're saying it won't be done until 2017 ugh.

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Well maybe this will actually be a full album. It sucks they're saying it won't be done until 2017 ugh.




From FB:


TOXICROSE has released their debut album TOTAL TRANQUILITY via City Of Lights Records and Burning Skull Records.


TOTAL TRANQUILITY is the full length album following the critically acclaimed, self-titled EP from 2012. The album includes ten majestic songs filled with blasting drums, intense bass, furious guitars and powerful vocals.


With TOTAL TRANQUILITY, the band has reached a new level and the album marks the ambition of the bands potential and is a milestone in TOXICROSE ́s career. The songs covers a wide range of musicality from fast metal anthems to memorable, catchy melodies.



Get you TOXICROSE merchandise on https://toxicrose.org/store/


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7AgSwGq2tV3rvgbVd7CYkx


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/…/total-tranquility/id1110735707…


Order Total Tranquility album on vinyl:

LTD Blue Vinyl “Japan Edition” with Poster and Patch



Black “Standard Edition”



World Of Confusion 7” Single, available on both clear and black vinyl


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