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Jaded Heart - Guilty By Design


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From bravewords.com:


Stockholm rockers Jaded Heart will release their new album Guilty By Design on April 22nd via Massacre Records.

The artwork was created by Thomas Ewerhard and mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson of Eclipse (Sweden).


Johan Fahlberg – vocals
Peter Östros – guitar
Masa Eto – guitar
Michael Müller – bass
Bodo Stricker - drums




  • 1.No Reason
  • 2.Godforsaken
  • 3.Seven Gates Of Hell
  • 4.Remembering
  • 5.Rescue Me
  • 6.Salvation
  • 7.No Waiting For Tomorrow
  • 8.Watching You Die
  • 9.So Help Me God
  • 10.Bullying Me
  • 11.This Is The End
  • 12.Torn And Scarred

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What ever happend to the band I used to love in the late 90s? Now there is only Mulli as original member. They were one of the best new hard aor band.The single is not bad, but I don't think I 'm gonna buy the album.

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Yep, they were definitely a German band last time I checked. I don't know what's happened - maybe all these new guys are Swedish? Jeez they've had a(nother) massive line up change since the last album only 2 years ago.


I've still been flying their flag in recent years but the post-Bormann albums have got a touch weaker with each new release. The first 3 were very good but the last 2 have been on a descent. The new song is solid, but hardly a drawcard for the new album.

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So there is only one original member in this band now?


Do you think it's makes the fans a little jaded? :lol:






Actually are there any "fans" anymore? Or does everyone who goes to the show, and buys the album just accept that its pretty much a new band, new sound, same name. I wonder what new band members think .. "woo! im joining Jaded Heart! but.... noone is really in it from when it was actually really liked".

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I listened to this right after The Defiants and Treat....... it's crap compared to those too.


Well almost everything else of the new stuff is crap compared to those 2.



Very true!

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