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Crown of Thorns - Raw Thorns (What's the story behind this?)


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I'm re-listening to the Crown of Thorns albums and every time i run through Raw Thorns i'm surprised at how good some of the tracks are. Does anyone know the story behind them? were they destined for an album that was never to be. I'd loved to have heard some of them with a proper production. Never Enough is a fantastic tune!

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Decent production would be a godsend for this album. I always assumed these were songs demo'd for the debut that didn't make the cut. Maybe a couple recorded immediately after the album before they changed up their sound a bit too?

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It appears the Raw Thorns tracks pre-date the self titled debut:

"The band again returned 2 Blighty 2 support Skin's British tour in November of 1994, but I bloody missed that! It was during this period that a second Crown of Thorns album was released. Dubbed 'Raw Thorns; The Unreleased Demos' it was exactly what it said on the cover - previously unreleased demos (excluding of course, the 3 that appeared on that summer's EP CD)."


"The sound was indeed very raw. Real demos. With a sprinkling of ballads in the mix, 'Raw Thorns' contained some real rock out tracks such as 'Feel My Thunder' and 'Little Stone House'. According 2 the liner notes "The songs embodied on this CD are 12 track unreleased demos prior to the recording of the first Crown of Thorns CD, much of this expereince as inspiration has helped to make Crown of Thorns what they are becoming today..." The album itself was produced and engineered by Jean Beauvoir with Jean taking up the task of all drums, guitars, bass and vocals throughout, with cohort Micki Free helping out lyrically and playing all lead guitars. Once again Paul and Gene get a thank you, probably due 2 the fact they were involved in the project at this early stage."

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