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    • Hey!  Hope everybody is finding something to do while they are stuck at home haha.  I have been working awhile on a playlist and wanted to see if others had song suggestions for me that I may have missed?  What this is, is hairband/ or heavier aor etc but the main thing is, that it must be 1989 to 1995 or so...  I find there are a ton of great songs/ bands I missed out on during the 80's and early 90's because they just got kicked off too late, right before grunge and the industry changed.  So of course I am talking about bands such as Tora Tora, Baton Rouge, Babylon A.D., Little Caesar, etc.  But older bands that have been around and still released albums during that time frame are ok too, for instance there were a few good Triumph songs from that era.  Just trying to find some more unearthed gems.  Anybody that wants to, feel free to follow the list if you like it, and I will add to it as I can.  Spotify username is 86waterpumper and playlist is called last of the mohicans, it should be public but below I will put the spotify url just in case... thanks, https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4D2N5Yf16S7LdPIr16Mb8R?si=7jRGlt6kQoa9mfq4d9wU2A    
    • Desperate Cry - Sepultura
    • First time I heard the song I thought it was a bit weird. Second time I heard it...bang! Fantastic song. Breaks the 'normal' song structure.
    • Good song...sounding a bit like Foreigner.....which is a good thing....
    • Sweet..Will be worth checking the album out
    • From Frontiers: Sometimes the stars align and create a perfect balance of talent within a group. A band like Perfect Plan is the “perfect" (pun intended) example of that: a superb singer, a well-oiled band of experienced players, and a great songwriting talent with a knack for unforgettable melodies and driving rhythms. Add to that the right single released at the right time and Perfect Plan’s emergence as immediate rising stars on the melodic rock scene is no surprise. The song that “built” their reputation is of course the awesome “In and Out of Love,” the first single/video that kicked off the promotion of the band’s 2018 debut album “All Rise,” released on Frontiers in April of that year. Now the band returns with their sophomore release and, hyperbole aside, this is a major step forward across the board. Opting for a slightly heavier and more “in your face” sound, Perfect Plan have matured and created an outstanding balance of melodies and energy, with the obvious references to the sound of the classics (think Foreigner, Survivor, The Storm, Giant, etc.) and Scandinavian AOR with a recognizable and personal feel. The band features the extraordinary singer Kent Hilli together with Rolf Nordström on guitar, Fredrik Forsberg on drums, Leif Ehlin on keyboards, and new bassist Mats Byström. Perfect Plan are now ready to capitalize on the acclaim of their debut and become one of your new favorite melodic rock bands!   01.    Time For A Miracle                                                                                                                   02.    Better Walk Alone 03.    Heart To Stone 04.    Fighting To Win 05.    Everytime We Cry 06.    What About Love 07.    Nobody’s Fool  08.    Living On The Run 09.    Just One Wish 10.    Dont Blame It On Love Again 11.    Give A Little Lovin’  12.    Don’t Leave Me Here Alone
    • My host was having upstream network issues overnight, so that was likely making things go sideways for you. Also, try not viewing the site on an Etch-A-Sketch. 
    • Just thought I'd bump this as I've been listening to this EP and really digging it. The closest comparison of something recent in my head that this reminds me of is the Black Swan album.  But for me, this is better than that....Just feels more melodic and catchy to my ears. My favorite tune is probably Daze Of Delirium...melodic goodness   All is excellent though     
    • Pretty maids - Lethal heroes. White Lion - Mane attraction West of sunset - S/T  
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