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    • jeez I didn't realise this was a legal board. let's just leave it as you don't want this disease. you all know what I was saying.  I was referring to full stats regarding on going health issues. Which have not been fully documented but will in the fullness of time. You can't just hide behind the everyone is recovering stance so there's nought to worry about.  'the truth' was the wrong phrasing. 
    • After a couple of listens I really like this one. Some catchy tunes. 
    • I've always loved these guys. Listening to them today, I had to post these five tracks. I've always thought they were very underrated. I posted the AC/DC track for your consideration. Listen to it after "Wild Flower".              
    • Meh. As with everywhere else, people here aren't immune to framing the issues to fit their personal political preferences/agenda. Could easily have been framed as:   1. The former states categorically as fact that EVERYONE who gets COVID-19 will have permanent severe residual issues. We don't know this. All we can say right now is that some patients are likely to have lingering complications. 2. Rewording the last phrase retains the uncertainty of the long-term implications without resorting to clandestine implications. The way it was originally worded implies that the truth is known currently, but is being withheld, which is not the case. We just don't have enough data, clear interpretation, or both. It's all in the wording used to imply certain things.
    • Ron Young quotes... After setting their fans on fire, and then subjecting them to the Corona Virus, Great White announce their "Only The Strong Survive Tour" where the VIP package comes with a rabid, exploding Weasel. Dan was a great Tour Manager with tons of respect and experience. He took the fall for these guys because he was the one that ignited it. He came to me and told me they planned to use it and I told him No as he didn't have a licensed pyro tech to do it, didn't have the fire blanket or the required dedicated extinguishers to plan for the worse. Because they couldn't afford the tech or the proper pyro for indoor, they made a tragic error in judgement. Because Dan was so experienced and knew that the things I mentioned weren't present and triggered it, he took the fall when the band knew damn well it was mickey mouse operation. they want an arena show in a club and people died for that ego bullshit. They got lucky on all those other nights. Then when they pulled it off in a venue that was old, low ceiling and didn't tell anyone, a tragedy occurred. It was only a matter of time. Even when I told them they couldn't do it, they still set it up. Good thing I'm a cynical douchebag that knew they were arrogant and waited. Pulled their cheap ass pyro off the stage and threw it in the parking lot out the load out door. Fuckers. Too soon for what?....calling them out. My friend who was the Tour Manager who took the fall for when they burned down that club begs to differ. Read my other response. They knew EXACTLY how dangerous their shitty, low rent pyro was during their first calamity that wasn't meant for indoor use being set off by amateurs. They went for the money play again and used bad judgement once more....so no....it's not "too soon"....it's actually too late. Like so many artists who have done some bad shit...you can love their art and dislike them as humans. But we need to call things what they are. Of all bands to be subjecting folks to danger...no matter what your take on this Virus....they shouldn't be one of the first ones back out there. Not when I know so many guys who are starving, staying off the road for the safety of their fans and band members. After setting their fans on fire, and then subjecting them to the Corona Virus, Great White announce their "Only The Strong Survive Tour" where the VIP package comes with a rabid, exploding Weasel.
    • Yeah, Ron Young ripped into them of Facebook. Talked about the fire and how he advised that they shouldn't have pyro eyc> I'll see if I can find what he said. Interesting, and ballsy to put it out like he did.
    • I get that there may be lasting respirtory issues for those who have had the virus, particularly in serious cases. But th point is the terminology. Need to be careful with wording, or people will diregard what youa re trying to say. "the truth will come out" alludes to some kind of secret supression of information.
    • my favs too. Forget the rest.
    • dead planet is spot on. no conspiracy theory.....this is happening right now all across the world. And in the US for sure. im referring to the unknown factor right now. We refer to millions have recovered but they haven't. there will be lasting issues for a huge amount of these people and overtime this will all come out as the full effects are realised. obviously some have only minor symptoms or no symptoms and they will be ok. but labelling everyone as 'recovered' is just wrong. If you've been on a ventilator you're gonna have on going issues of some degree - varying of course - some minor, but enough to remind you had the Damn thing. some a lot worse.  
    • Yeah. I think there may be more to it. Also, walking the streets at 3am suggests that alcohol may have been a factor for both parties. Senseless, nonetheless. 
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