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ShowBiz - Enjoy The Ride


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From melodicrock.com:


MelodicRock Records is heading back to Madrid for the next signing to the label.
MRR is pleased to help introduce the world to SHOWBIZ and their fabulous uptempo, classic melodic hard rock.
SHOWBIZ’ debut album Enjoy The Ride will be released worldwide from March 23.
Enjoy The Ride is a prime high energy mix of Firehouse, Van Halen and Poison, delivered with a crunching production and some truly memorable songs and blazing guitars.
ShowBiz is a band formed by Albert Maroto, ex-guitar player of Dreamaker and Dark Moor, who in the last decade has recorded several albums and toured around Spain and around the world.
He's also a die-hard fan of hard rock music in all its styles and eras, so he decided to begin writing songs of this musical style a few years ago, finishing his first ShowBiz full album Enjoy the Ride.
The band is also Nacho Arriaga on drums (Arwen, Monterrey and ex Inn-trance) and Xone Aranda on bass (Time Symmetry).
Albert Maroto - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Nacho Arriaga - Drums
Xone Aranda - Bass
And no introduction would be complete without a taste of what the album offers. So here are the first two tracks from the album – the opening track (and lyric video) What U See is What U Get as well as the following track, the instant classic Everybody's Got A Chance.



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  • My Little Pony

I think the more melodic style of 'Everybody's Got a Chance' suits this band better and that song is IMO miles better than the generic sounding 'What You See'.


I thought so, too.

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Even with all the samples and cool cover art, I have yet to hear a MelodicRock Records release that I just had to have.

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Being from Australia you must must know the brutal costs of shipping and cd's. With our weak ass Canadian dollar cd's can sometimes cost up to 40$ each....so I only buy a handful a year.

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Spanish (and Italian, for the record) bands seem to all have the same blueprint - with very few exceptions. Heavy accents (and honestly, pretty poor vocalists), okay songs and excellent guitarists. This one, like all the others, sounds okay but neither song really does much for me, to be brutally honest.

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