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Epic - Like A Phoenix


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From escape-music.com:


Epic is Canadian, American, and Lebanese Rock band . A power quartet drawing on years of experience and musicianship and playing in international venues and large arenas.


They are well-known for their hard-driving energy with Tanya's powerful vocal range, Mario's melodic guitar-driven riffs, and a "rock-solid" rhythm section with "Sous" on drums and Mike on Bass. This die-hard rock formation has wasted no time getting to work as soon as they met; they have been writing, composing, and recording their upcoming Album entitled "Like A Phoenix".


Their music can be described like a super hybrid of bands such as the rocky Saraya, Headpins and Witness and also displays finesse a la Heart, and Winger . It’s a long time since we heard a nice female fronted rock band as good as this quartet and they are already playing to massive audiences..


“Like a Phoenix” is being released soon by Escape Music and we hope you like this “old school” rock band who have brought that classic female fronted rock sound that we all love into the forefront of rock again..



Tanya Rizkala: vocals

Mario Agostine: Guitars

Souheil "Sous" Moukaddem: Drums

Mike Ganime: Bass






Catalogue Number: ESM289
Release date: 22 April 2016

Track Listing:

Love Will Find a way

Like a Phoenix

I can take you


All I need


My Everything

I need you

Save a little love

Nah Nah Nah




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