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    • Quite good...and the drummers wearing a Ghostbusters tee...be nice to hear do that...I know its not the 90's but neither are more than half of these 90's tracks they,ve released  nice solo btw
    • Sanguine Hum - A Trace of Memory  Moon Martin - Shots from a Cold Nightmare / Escape From Damnation Moon Martin - Street Fever Moon Martin - Dreams on Fire Dinosaur Jr. - Farm Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis
    • ...there is not a single day that goes by that I don't want to split a liberal's head open...
    • I thought I'm the only one who likes them here. I made a thread for their new album (out tomorrow!) but all I got was hate.      
    • Awesome! Really enjoy these guys. 
    • New song 'Venus'. Back on track again, a good one.    
    • Interested to hear more.. not bad. 
    • It has been nearly three years since THE TAKE "Pink & Proud" was listed on the Metallic Blue Records web page as "coming soon".   That sample track "Young Girls In Love" had me waiting with bated breath.   Numerous obstacles were presented in preparation for the album's release, one of which were production issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   But alas, it is finally here and I've given my copy a good listen.   The first track is the one that first grabbed my attention 3 years ago.   "Young Girls In Love",  with it's haunting intro and upbeat 80's vibe, sets the stage for the entire album.  Originally recorded in 1985-86, the tracks are full throttle 80's sounding, laced with hook laden, catchy melodies the way we love it.   The production is very eighties oriented with lots of great guitar and loads of keyboards for most of the menu.  Those keyboard duties were shared between Arthur Hall and Janine Stewart.  Vocal duties are handled by Michael Coones on this album and at this time of the band's life, Chris Boudreaux had departed.   THE TAKE hail from Salt Lake City and here are 9 AOR melodic rockers that will remind the listener of such great bands as AVIATOR, HAYWIRE, WORRALL, JT SHELTER and MAY RUN.  They have a unique talent for writing  AOR melodic songs.  So,  if you're into lush or bombastic, breezy melodies, professionally executed then THE TAKE "Pink & Proud" is a must to own.  It's a real gem for 80's AOR melodic rock lovers.  
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