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    • Listened to this album properly a couple of times now and I like it. Died a bit in the end for me, but further listens may change that feeling. Cursed, What It Takes and Hero are the standouts for me so far.
    • Eye Of The Storm never did it for me  I guess I am one of the ones who appreciated what they did on the last album, albeit in the minority,m and it seems what they have done here appeals to a large section of fans, so good for them. In the end, they need masses to like their music. Pheudo Echo tried deviating from what the majority of their fans wanted and died in the arse, even though Race is an amazing album (for me) In the same vein, if Maiden had continued with the mainstream sound of Wasted Years, I would have stayed on board, but they got all experimental and Dream Theatreish.
    • listening to this album though I can't help thinking how much better it would be with Erik or Harry singing  Good songs
    • good album. He can't sing and his finest moment will forever be Street Level but this is quite rocking actually Fav tune is Lost in Love    
    • I agree that the last album was more interesting and varied. you forgot Eye of the Storm which is excellent. However many fans wrote that off as too experimental and demanded a return to the TDTW sound. So at you can say that at least the band listened and reacted to their fans which is very rare these days. whilst I agree with your point I still think this is an excellent album full of catchy songs. However there are no surprises , nothing new to hear on repeated listens so I think other albums this year may end up being better for me personally but this is probably gonna be a top 5 at worst. 
    • Week 3: Hoston Roughnecks 34, Tampa Bay Vipers 27. Dallas Renegades 24, Seattle Dragons 12. St. Louis Battlehawks 29, N.Y. Guardians 9. L.A. Wildcats 39, D.C. Defenders 9.
    • But % the system is gosphel Overall I'd rate the alnum as an OK album. Some great songs, but overall, as an album, I find it syrupy in the production, with very little variance. To be fair, I will compare it to the last album. Redefined has that killer drum beat, background guitar riff and feels like it flows naturally. Vocals are in the lower range Shit City is catchy as hell, and the vibe of the song is more like this recent album, but it is broken up with the verses being very different to the chorus. Time On Our Side has that regular build up and drops off to the keys and drums, again, variance within the song. Best Of The Broken starts with claps with an almost acapalla vibe before it moves into a more standard vibe, but comes back down for the verses. Blind Leads The Blind has that Maidenesque bridge vocals before it heads into the rocking chorus, pretty standard rocks, but catchy as hell. We Rule standard ballad Into The Great Unknown is an epic song which most eitehr love or hate. I love it. A thumping backbeat with a hooky chorus and lots of different 'solos' throughout. So much variance make a great album, and while I really like some songs of this new one, I think I will be a lot happier when I separate the 4 of 5 tracks I keep from the rest of the album.
    • Yeah songs are good for the most part but there is definitely something off with the mix  Thought the last album sounded excellent so this is disappointing 
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