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    • What the hell is an Oath Keeper?
    • ANALogy BEAT ME to it WTF are you blabbering about ???
    • Later That Night-Frank Zappa
    • Video for 'Love Don't Lie'.    
    • New video for Waterside'. I like it.    
    • Out February 26 on AFM Records. It’s been more than two years now since Bonfire, following the outstanding debut of their current vocalist Alexx Stahl on Byte The Bullet (2017), were unanimously celebrated for their successor album Temple Of Lies (2018). Two years which saw the band rock countless stages at home and abroad before going on to set the bar even higher with their latest offering: Fistful Of Fire is definitely one of the toughest Bonfire albums ever and has been released in March 2020. As everybody knows today, this album release was ill-fated by that worldwide Covid-19 pandemic – store had closed short after the release and the tour had to be postponed and even cancelled in the end. It’s a fact, that the band did not play one single show with their new album to that very day.However the band from Ingolstadt is trying to looking forward. New plans arouse for an upcoming project. It was summer 2020 when the band again hit the “Flatliners Recording Studios” to start recording the new longplayer “Roots”. It’s a magnificent "almost unplugged"-album with 24 tracks recorded completely over again and interpreted in new ways. It includes very young ballads like “When An Old Man Cries” and old evergreens like “You Make Me Feel”, contains old rock hits like “Ready 4 Reaction” and "American Nights" but also arising rock hymns like “The Devil Made Me Do It”, so every fan of this band will find something on this one. On top of that in features 5 brandnew songs that have been created while acrowdfunding campaign as remittance works for fans.With this release and the new campaign on StartNext the band tries to get some money into their empty band accounts and offers quite some musical delicacy with regards to the content. Besides various merch items, living-room concerts, VIP Tickets for their streaming release show and special rarities like original master tapes or guitar amps, the new album “Roots” can be ordered here: https://www.startnext.com/bonfire-back-to-the-rootsLet’s hope for better times, in which live-concerts can take place again and let us support and celebrate one of Germany’s biggest rock bands in alternate ways until that day.   1.  Starin' Eyes 2. American Nights 3. Let Me Be Your Water 4. Price of Lovin' You 5. Comin' Home 6. Ready 4 Reaction 7. Give It a Try 8. Sleeping All Alone 9. Who'S Foolin' Who 10. Why Is It Never Enough 11. Fantasy 12. When An Old Man Cries 13. Love Don'T Lie 14. Lonely Nights 15. Under Blue Skies 16. You Make Me Feel 17. No More 18. The Devil Made Me Do It 19. Without You 20. Your Love Is Heaven to Me 21. Piece of My Heart 22. Youngbloods 23. Our Hearts Don'T Feel the Same 24. Wolfmen
    • Lillian Axe was at the time my favourite band. Poetic Justice might be the best produced and greatest guitar sound on any album I’ve ever heard. Love & War was a bargain bin purchase in 1990...based only on the cover. Turned out to be one of the greatest releases ever...like Hysteria this album has so many epic classic tracks, this album deserved to be a massive hit. The debut was solid, sounded like a Ratt album especially with Robyn Crosby’s involvement. Psycho...was the bands last great release...a change in sound to what we see today from them started on this release. Like Poetic Justice such a well produced and beautifully sounding album...which includes two of the best ballads ever.    In my eyes and to my ears, only Metallica with Lightning, Masters and Justice has another band released such a massive trifecta of releases like Lillian Axe did with Love & War, Poetic Justice and Psycho...
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