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Damn Dice: The Great Unknown


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Damn Dice: The Great Unknown


1. Power
2. What Now?
3. Driven
4. Down
5. The Way To Go
6. Caught In The Ride
7. Words
8. Bang Your Head
9. No Fear
10. Take The Fight
11. Rock (Like You Mean It)
12. Home



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I don't dig the vocals but quite good otherwise.


Yeah, I agree. Very cool tune, but I'm not a fan of those vocals at all.

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Your all loopy. these guys are totally killer. Super sleazy and heavy with some very obvious modern elements to the tunage too.


I'm smitten for sure!



I totally agree. Can't wait to get the cd

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This is another newer band where I like the music but the vocals I don't really like. They tend to be on the annoying side.


Exactly. The music sounds nice but those vocals totally destroy it.

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I can't believe all the negative comments I'm seeing! Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion..but I disagree with your opinions. Damn Dice is a huge favourite of mine..the guys are very pleasant and sociable and I think their music is great! I haven't heard one yet that has disappointed me in any way, shape or form. As for Alex's vocals, he is an amazing singer! I have stood by them for 6 years and will continue to do so for all the years to come!

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Welcome Kelley.

I remember hearing (something) about this band ages ago.

I started listening to the first track, and I have to agree with others about the vocals.
A bit too weird for me, kinda like Airbourne for me.


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