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L.A. Guns discography


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I can understand why people wouldn't like 'Sleazy come sleazy go.' It's very catchy, but I can also appreciate it'd be pretty annoying to others. I dunno what it is for me, I liked it when I was young and there's just something about it I always thought was very cool, and I still dig it. Probably nostalgic as much as any reason nowadays. Just a cool tune.


As for 'Ballad of Jayne,' always loved that song. I remember the video from one of my million year old 'Hard N' Heavy' videos too, and I just thought it was a really cool ballad with brilliant lyrical/vocal hooks basically from start to end. I actually like the verses and pre-choruses better than the chorus... which I still do dig, for the record. Love it.

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Here's my rating for C&L - main 12 songs only


1. Letting Go - intro

2. Slap in the Face - 8

3. Rip & Tear - 8.25

4. Sleazy Come - 6

5. Never Enough - 8.5

6. Malaria - 5.5

7. Ballad of Jayne - 7

8. Magdalaine - 7 (I have a ? against this song....so could go up or down)

9. Give a Little - 6.5

10. I'm addicted -

11. 17 Crash - 7.75

12. Showdown - 8.75

13. Wheels of Fire - 7

14. I Wanna Be Your Man - 8.75


Overall : 74%


That's about as generous as I can be.


Definitely about 4-5 very good rocking tracks, but as I said a whole bunch of average stuff too.

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I like 'Malaria.' I seriously like every song on 'Cocked & Loaded.'


'Sex Action' is probably my second favourite song on their debut.

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I like 'Malaria' too but I think it's probably the lowest three in 'Cocked and Loaded', along with 'Magdalaine' and 'Give A Little' but definitely above 7.


recently rated LA GUNS s/t and I got 81.2% for that, so below 'Cocked' and probably above 'Hollywood', will dig into that later

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I get to see these guys again on Saturday (80's in the Park, Melbourne FL, USA)


1) Cocked and Loaded

2) LA Guns

3) Waking the Dead

4) Tales From the Strip

5) Hollywood Vampires

6) Hollywood Forever

7) Man in the Moon

8) the rest....


Last year they played a great cover of Fairies Wear Boots!

Maybe I will yell at Phil to play "Star" from his Torme record 'Back to Babylon'...

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For me L.A. Guns was much like A LOT of other bands back then. The debut album was the best & the other albums just never compared. Very few bands had 2, 3 or more albums that were consistently good. So my ranking...


1. L.A. Guns

2. Cocked & Loaded

3. Meh Hollywood Vampires barely makes the list.

Everything else was crap.


Unfortunately I have a compulsion. If I buy an album of a band that I like, I have to have ALL their albums even if they suck lol. A lot like that Motley Crue generation swine & Warrant Ultraphobic lol.

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This is about the order I seem to play them now.

Love the new one, hope they do more with their current lineup.

1. Hollywood Forever

2. Hollywood Vampires

3. Vicious Circle

4. LA Guns - 82

5..Cocked & Loaded - I guess I reach for this last because I think I wore it out when I first got it.

The rest I either don't have or have not played much.

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4. LA Guns - 82




Not sure where that came from, I know someone came over and I posted real fast :). It should be s/t

So which L.A. Guns would be the next best after the list I posted.



'Tales from the strip' for sure.

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