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BOYFRIEND - Another Goodbye (2015)


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from 0dayrox2: http://0dayrox2.blogspot.com/2015/08/boyfriend-another-goodbye-2015.html



Now this is a lot of fun; BOYFRIEND is an American Melodic Hard Rock band that made same noise in the first half of the '80s which decided to reunite after 25 years to play together again ... and record a new album. "Another Goodbye" is their just released comeback, a lovely slice of pure '80s Melodic Hard.


Boyfriend was formed in St. Louis, Missouri and was active from 1979 – 1989. In fact the band started some years before as Majik Dust, they became Boyfriend when lead singer Bobby Flynn entered the band and they decided to go for a radio friendly, commercial rockin' sound.


As many bands from the era, Boyfriend released their debut in 1983 by themselves (vinyl LP), and seems the guys were pretty popular in the area.


Now, and after many years, all original members (minus bass player) returned to their first love; catchy, easy to the ears Melodic Rock.


Mostly influenced by the sound patented by Night Ranger and alike, you can't go wrong with numbers like "Untouchable", the groovy "Love Ain't Enough" or title track "Another Goodbye" (one of my favs).


On the fun as hell "Goodnight Miss America" they sound like early Loverboy, while I hear some Aldo Nova on the hooky "What You Do to Me".





"Another Goodbye" brings to mind the glorious '80s days when a lot of talented bands emerged from all the corners of USA and, while not able to sign a major label contract, recorded their own albums and sold them locally.


Boyfriend brings this to 2015: a lovely, from heart album in "Another Goodbye", which feels indie in spirit but it's very well recorded and played by these - now veterans - musicians obviously in love with this timeless genre; pure US Melodic Hard Rock.


Highly Recommended.


01 - Untouchable
02 - Love Ain't Enough
03 - Goodnight Miss America
04 - Another Goodbye
05 - Sad Surrender [remastered]
06 - What You Do to Me
07 - Dirty Looks
08 - Magic Carousel (Acoustic)


Bobby Flynn - lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
Chuck Pudiwitr - lead guitar, vocals
John Sloan - bass, vocals
Timmy Reynolds - drums
Mark Pelletier - bass, vocals on 5



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Thanks for the tip...............I transferred their self titled LP to CDR years ago. This is a nice sounding track from what may be another excellent AOR album. I'll head to CD baby and listen to the samples over there.

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I heard this the other day - it's pretty nice. Nothing amazing, but very listenable. More thoughts to follow soon.

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I don't mind it, but it sounds kind of dated.

Which I suppose is what a lot of people want to hear.

I guess this style of music doesn't excite me like it did 30 years ago...

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