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STEREO NASTY - Nasty By Nature (2015)


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from 0dayrox2:



Hailing from Kildare, Ireland, STEREO NASTY is a 'rare beast'. Rare for many things; his kick ass debut "Nasty By Nature" sounds like recorded in California in 1987, not in Ireland, and rare for the quality displayed on a first album.


Also, Stereo Nasty is beast, a sonic beast ready to kill your senses and bang your head like a madman.


Early promise was shown last year when we received a promising demo from Stereo Nasty. The 3 song tape definitely had potential and a savage production job, but needed a little more to bring it to the levels of excellence that some other bands in the hard rock / metal scene are working at.


Now, Stereo Nasty are set to release "Nasty By Nature" tomorrow August 8th (including these 3 tracks re-recorded). and believe me, these guys Rock!


From the CD artwork (logo design and cover concept by guitarist Adrian Foley), a hark back to classic Dokken and W.A.S.P. '80s era, you know this gonna rock hard. And indeed Stereo Nasty sounds like W.A.S.P. mixed with Lizzy Borden, and I mean the classic, biting production job.


The first thing that will hit you is THAT guitar tone. Dripping with '80s sleazy metal in the vein of Blackie Lawless & Co., it sounds amazing. The vocals that screech forth on the opening song “Black Widow” cut through the mix to give a harsh and raspy set of pipes that fits the song perfectly. The guitar solo in the song's mid-section also kills. This opener overall just nails it.




Next, “Holy Terror” sounds simply stunning. It's got some incredibly well written riffs on it, nothing intricate or flashy but played just right to create a driving anthem with those Blackie Lawless styled vocals bringing it all together.


The album as a whole sounds full of passion, enthusiasm and '80s attitude mixed together in a metallic fury of killer solos and soaring vocals.


“Interstellar” is one of the mid-paced tracks and here the groove takes over and allows the vocals to breathe. The chorus hooks are just something else and it’s sure to be a live favourite. This track reminds me Love/Hate.


The faster songs, the stinging “The Fear” and “Death Machine” are brilliant, with the latter reeking of classic Judas Priest. Think of a hybrid of British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance and you’re on the right path. It doesn’t sound contrived or ripped off, rather a hugely passionate creation of electrifying metal that wears its influences on its sleeve.


“Out of the Fire” is a little more melodic like the heavier side of Dokken, then “In The Blood” has a chorus to die for: “I’ve got that heavy metal blood!!! Running through my veins!!!”. It's a wonderful '80s metal about metal song in the vein of RockStar movie / soundtrack and works magnificently.


The final 3 songs which appeared on their demo, are all excellent, being much improved here than on that previous release. “Warriors” and “Demon Halo” scream GTA: Vice City soundtrack and end the record in a fit of fist pumping excellence.




Stereo Nasty's "Nasty By Nature" it's is an album that you simply must buy if you are a fan of '80s US Californian Hard Rock / Metal.


Think W.A.S.P., Lizzy Borden, Fifth Angel, the first Icon, Queensryche and Keel, etc. with the same biting, punchy attack & production. Did you loved RockStar movie / Steel Dragon? This is for you.


A record (it will be available on Cassette too!) that you could play back to back multiple times and still gleefully chant all those chorus hooks while pumping your fist and looking for a new Stereo Nasty patch to sew onto your leather jacket.


Highly Recommended.


01 - Black Widow
02 - Holy Terror
03 - Interstellar
04 - The Fear
05 - Out of the Fire
06 - Death Machine
07 - In the Blood
08 - Under Her Spell
09 - The Warriors
10 - Demon Halo


Mick Mahon: Vocals
Adrian Foley: Guitar
Rud Holohan: Bass
Fran Moran: Drums
Bernard Drumm: Words



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Some nice skull-crushin' riffs on 'Black Widow', vocally a bit like Lawless but not sure I really dig 100% of it, well songwise it's kinda okay but could have been better. Again, 'Interstellar' seems to possess a nicely crafted riffs but there is no climax when it reaches the chorus. 2 songs and bordering average, not gonna end up well I guess but looks like worth checking out

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the new album:


STEREO NASTY - Twisting The Blade (2017)




Ireland rockers STEREO NASTY are back with a new record titled 'Twisting The Blade', where the band not only keeps obsessed with knifes and '80s slash movies but also for delivering classic, old-fashioned US metal with melody that sounds like recorded in California around 1986.


With their previous effort Stereo Nasty already delivered an enjoyable slice of classic US metal / hard rock, and in 'Twisting The Blade' they have perfected their craft.


This meaning big, huge guitar riffs with that vintage Mid-Eighties tone and a crunchy output, Mick Mahon's vocals akin a Blackie Lawless persona and a punchy production.


Eighties suckers can't go wrong with tracks such as the heavy 'Kill Or Be Killed' which seems taken from Nightmare On Elm Street 3 soundtrack, the Lizzy Borden sounding 'No One Gets Out Alive', or the 1982 Twister Sister-esque 'Near Dark'.


For a 1985 Dokken-styled midtempo with clean guitars take 'Through The Void' (one of my favorites), then there's WASP heaviness on 'Haunting The Night' and title track 'Twisting The Blade', and even a bit of Accept on 'Becoming A Beast'.




Perhaps even more 'heavy' (at this point in time this means inoffensive) than their previous album, Stereo Nasty's "Twisting The Blade" is a fun, enjoyable piece of retro metal.


If you are a fan of '80s US Californian Hard Rock / Metal you'll love this. To the above mentioned acts add the first Icon and Queensryche, Keel, Shout, etc.... you get the picture.


Did you loved RockStar movie / Steel Dragon? This is for you.


Very Recommended


01 - Kill Or Be Killed
02 - No One Gets Out Alive
03 - Reflections Of Madness
04 - Near Dark
05 - Through The Void
06 - Haunting The Night
07 - Twisting The Blade
08 - Vengeance
09 - Becoming A Beast
10 - Interstellar [remix] (bonus track)


Mick Mahon - Vocals
Adrian Foley - Guitars
Rud Holohan - Bass
Fran Moran - Drums





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