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Last Outlaw Society/The Blackstone Roses/?


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So tooling about on the tube of you and I came across this video for a killer tune called "This Ain't Pretty" from the band Last Outlaw Society.


Unfortunately aside from long dead links I roadblocked in searching for more.!?


Here is their ReVerbNation bio:

Coming up on the streets of Toronto, Last Outlaw Society is a full throttle, high octane, all original hard rock band. Self proclaimed as“street rock”, Last Outlaw Society was founded in 2009, and consists of members Nicki Raines(vocals), Criss Raines(guitar), Brandon Beretta(drums) and Scott Black(bass). Staying true to their rock and roll roots, L.O.S has built a catalogue of hard, unapologetic rock anthems with songs ranging in topics anywhere from sex and substance abuse to personal struggles and the hardships of adolescence. Tied together with a “live fast,die hard” attitude, the music offered by L.O.S takes you through the reckless lifestyle of todays rock and roll culture at break-neck speed with a blatant disregard for todays pop saturated musical landscape.


Is anyone in the know knowing more? Man I'd like to hear some more!



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Have you found any more info? I like both band's videos but I like the Last Outlaw Society name better lol. At the bottom of a search for Blackstone Roses there's an ad looking for a bass player. I wonder if they ever actually recorded anything to disc? I like them.

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I tracked them to England and emailed the guitarist, no reply as of yet.


After continued digging there is a bit more poorly shot live cell phone videos of them as Blackstone Roses, I agree I enjoy Last Outlaw Society better as a band name.


I will ping them again and see if they are responsive.


I did speak to a photographer in Canada about them and he is who turned me onto their latest endeavor and location...

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