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1998 - Best Albums

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My Top 25 best of 1998 (in alphabetical order)



Anathema - Alternative 4

Angra - Fireworks

Arena - The Visitor

Ayreon - Into The Electric Castle

The Black Crowes - By Your Side

Cold Chisel - The Last Wave Of Summer

Dare - Calm Before The Storm

Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding

Enchant - Break

Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl

Iron Maiden - Virtual XI

Judas Priest - '98 Live Meltdown

Marillion - Radiation

Meniketti - On The Blue Side

Monster Magnet - Powertrip

Pain Of Salvation - One Hour By The Concrete Lake

Axel Rudi Pell - Oceans Of Time

Salem Hill - The Robbery Of Murder

Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet

Richie Sambora - Undiscovered Soul

Symphony X - Twilight In Olympus

Threshold - Clone

Train - Train

Mike Tramp - Capricorn

Zero Hour - Zero Hour (re-released in 2003 as "Metamorphosis")


Honourable mention:

Great White - Great Zeppelin: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin


Highlights this year include prog rock excellence from Arena (and my favourite album of theirs), and also the first of a pair of stunning power metal masterpieces from Symphony X. Meanwhile, Threshold debut new singer Andrew "Mac" McDermott on the brilliant "Clone" which ushers in many years of stability and consistency for the band, whilst continuing growth and maturity is demonstrated from prog metal band Pain Of Salvation which will go on for a couple more albums yet.


Y&T singer Dave Meniketti provides a great blues rock album which continues to show off how great a guitarist he is, and Mike Tramp also launches his solo career off to a fine start. Monster Magnet put out a great collection of commercial stoner hard rock songs, and newcomers Train offer up a pretty decent pop-rock album (I've seen mostly bad comments about them on this forum, but I like their first couple of albums at least).


1998 also saw Iron Maiden's second (and last) album with Blaze Bayley, which I much prefer than "The X Factor" as it doesn't feel so cramped with filler as its predecessor, and there's some great tunes on here which are given the space to breathe and which overall seem more suited to his voice. Also one of the few live albums I've included in my lists, Tim "Ripper" Owens brings a much tougher and macho sound to some old Priest classics on "98 Live Meltdown".


Finally, I thought I'd mention Great White's Led Zeppelin live album, just because it's great (and this was originally in my 1999 list, but looks like it belongs here after checking).

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Aces High - Pull No Punches

Amaze Me - Wonderland

Big Bad Wolf - S/T

Bush, Stan - Heaven

Charade - S/T

Edguy - Vain Glory Opera

Hammerfall - Legacy of Kings

Helloween - Better Than Raw

Impellitteri -Eye of the Hurricane

Intruder - Dangerous Nights

Million - Electric

Monster Magnet - Power Trip

PC69 - Electrified

Sabu - Between The Light

Shakra - S/T

Shyboy - S/T

The Things - S/T

Tower City - All Or Nothing

Von Groove - Chameleon

Wild Frontier - Thousand Miles Away

Zeno - Listen to the Light

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  • My Little Pony

Things are looking slim, at this point. Probably gonna go with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Simply a solid album, even if it is a Christmas album. And I hope to piss off a few folks with my inclusion of Van Halen's "III." Heh.


Hammerfall - Legacy of Kings
Gotthard - Open
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Christmas Attic
Savatage - The Wake of Magellan

Van Halen - III

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Aiming High-Metal Fighter Squadron

Blind Guardian-Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Bob Catley-The Tower
Death-The Sound of Perseverance
Destiny's End-Breathe Deep the Dark
Eniac Requiem-Space Eternal Void
Grave Digger-Knights of the Cross
Helloween-Better than Raw
Innerwish-Waiting for the Dawn
Jag Panzer-The Age of Mastery
Joe Stump-Rapid Fire Rondo
Nocturnal Rites- Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Power of Omens-Eyes of The Oracle
Praying Mantis-Forever in Time
Reactor-A Short Fairytale
Running Wild-The Rivalry
Shadow Gallery -Tyranny
Solstice -New Dark Age
Symphony X-Twilight in Olympus
Virgin Steele-Invictus
While Heaven Wept -Sorrow of the Angels
Yngwie J. Malmsteen-Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E flat minor Op.1
Worth Mentioning
Axel Rudi Pell-Oceans of Time
Blue Oyster Cult-Heaven Forbid
George Bellas-Mind Over Matter
Hammerfall-Legacy of Kings
John West-Permanent Mark
Sinner-The Nature of evil
Solitude Aeturnus-Adagio
Takara-Blind in Paradise
Vitalij Kuprij-Extreme Measures
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My hugely popular incomplete list; ;)


1 . Amaze Me - Wonderland - 91
2 . Fiore - Today Till Tomorrow - 86
3 . Fiore - Body Electric - 85
4 . Big Bad Wolf - Big Bad Wolf - 84
5 . Charade - Charade - 82
6 . Hotwire - Face Another Day - 82
7 . Harem Scarem - B-Side Collection - 82
8 . Jaded Heart - Mystery Eyes - 81
9 . Hush - If You Smile - 80
10 . Bad Habit - Adult Orientation - 79
11 . Harem Scarem - Big Bang Theory - 79
12 . Diary - To The Edge & Beyond - 79
13 . Keel - Back In Action - 79
14 . Stan Bush & Barrage - Heaven - 78
15 . Change Of Heart - Change Of Heart - 78
16 . Intruder - Dangerous Nights - 78
17 . Affair - Face To Face - 76
18 . Garbo Talks - Garbo Talks - 75
19 . Crown Of Thorns - Lost Cathederal - 75
20 . Askari - Askari - 74
21 . Erotic Suicide - Perseverance - 74
22 . Guild Of Ages - One - 73
23 . Aces High - Pull No Punches - 73
24 . Firefly - Where You Gonna Run - 71
25 . Blue Thunder - Blue Thunder - 71
26 . Backyard Babies - Total 13 - 71
27 . Hollywood Teasze - No Flakes - 71
28 . Dare - Calm Before The Storm - 70
29 . Gary Hughes - Precious Ones - 70
30 . Firehouse - Category 5 - 69
31 . Eternal Flame - Desire - 69
32 . Nitro - Gunnin' For Glory - 69
33 . Bonfire - Rebel Soul - 68
34 . Zeno - Listen To The Light - 68
35 . Funny Money - Funny Money - 68
36 . House Of Shakira - On The Verge - 67
37 . Departure - Departure - 66
38 . Athenaeum - Radiance - 61
39 . Adrenaline Kick - Massacre Of The Mainstream - 60
40 . Embassy - Edge of Rainbows - 57
41 . Abusement Park - I'm Not What I've Been Taught - 51
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Arena - The Visitor

Jump - Living In a Promised Land

Threshold - Clone

Toto - XX

Robby Valentine - No Sugar Added

Dave Carl Band - Can't Slow Down

Cory Hart - Jade

Marillion - Radiation

Valensia - Valensia 3(Millennium)

Kiss - Psycho Circus

Molly Hatchet - Silent Reign Of Heroes

Kansas - Always Never The Same

Van Zant - Brother To Brother

Shyboy - S/T

Praying Mantis - Forever In Time

UFO - Walk On Water

Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet

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  • 2 weeks later...

Amon Amarth: Once Sent From The Golden Hall

Anathema: Alternative 4

Ayreon: Into The Electric Castle

The Cardigans: Grand Turismo

Cradle Of Filth: Cruelty And The Beast

Garbage: Version 2.0

The Goo Goo Dolls: Dizzy Up The Girl

Mystery: Destiny?

Threshold: Clone

Tristania: Widows Weeds


Not a great year ...

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    • Ridiculous. Wait until you see the kids one I'm talking about. Appallingly untruthful.
    • Carpenter Brut - Leather Terror (Synthwave) Disturbed - Divisive (Metal) Matthew Ward - Armed and Dangerous (AOR) Atomic Swing - A Car Crash in the Blue (Power Pop) Red - End of Silence (Symphonic Metal) Todd Rundgren's Utopia - S/T (Prog Rock) Black Stone Cherry - The Human Condition (Southern Rock)
    • Only caught the highlights, but man, that second goal the Aussies conceded was pure pain to watch. Still cringing just thinking about it. Shame, because otherwise they had a brilliant tournament. It would have been close to a miracle for them to get past Argentina, so I look at the team and their efforts with pride. Oh, and that last minute shot the Aussie dude had... what could have been. But yeah, they gave it a really good crack. As for my Plan B, sorry 'Mericans, but I was very happy to see the mighty Dutch get through and, as per every other world cup, lol, my interest now turns to seeing what they can do. Would actually really love to see them win the thing.  Oh, and speaking of stuff, how awesome were some of the goals from Switzerland in their match vs Serbia. Very impressive. 
    • Simple sound quality / production, but sounds nice. 
    • Nice. Yeah, I don't know mate. Of the songs I posted above, the two from the second album actually seem to be better sound quality than the first. Hard to say if that's across the board, though, or if the sound varies from demo to demo. 
    • I was trying to find the ad running here too, but also couldn't find it on the web. Some moronic thing about there being a new wave or strain or something so we should all wear masks indoors and crowded spaces. We even got a note from our school the other day that in order to go and watch a Christmas assembly the kids are doing, parents will be required to wear a mask now, because of an alleged surge of cases in the local area.  What's become blatantly obvious to me in the last few years is that we are communicated to as if we're all absolute morons. Whether it's via our government or the media, we are spoken to like braindead pieces of shit. Sadly, in many cases they're spot on, hitting their target audience. But as someone with some semblance of a brain (and not even much of it, to be fair), I just simply don't get it. 
    • Yeah, price of tickets. I just saw half priced tickets on Tuesdays for a limited time here too. I don't know what full prices are, but maybe they're only a couple of hundred dollars on Tuesdays.
    • I like it. To bad it’s just a digital and cassette release.
    • Doing you meaning Kent is the vocalist version of ADV.
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