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Street Talk reissues


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Pressrelease from MelodicRock Records:


On August 30 and limited to just 500 units each, MRR will reissue the STREET TALK albums ‘Transition’ (from 2000); ‘Restoration’ (from 2002) and the AOR classic ‘V’ (from 2006).

All three albums are long out of print, highly sought after and when listed, fetch tidy sums on Ebay.

The new MRR reissues will feature exclusive new artwork and each album will feature several bonus tracks, which will be revealed shortly, along with details of a pre-order deal for all three albums.

STREET TALK is the brainchild of Swedish keyboardist/songwriter FREDRIK BERGH. Their debut came in 1997 with the album ‘Collaboration’.

The album featured, amongst others, guest vocalist Göran Edman who would continue to work with Fredrik throughout the Street Talk history.

In 2000, the album ‘Transition’ was released featuring Goran again on a set of smooth Westcoast/AOR tunes.

In 2002 STREET TALK signed to the now defunct MTM Music label for the excellent album 'Restoration'. The opus featured vocals from Goran once again and also two popular tracks from American AOR vocalist HUGO.

In 2006 the band released their fourth all-original studio album – the distinctly more powerful, pure AOR masterpiece ‘V’. Featuring Goran Edman on all vocals, the album was the defining moment of Street Talk’s history.

Since the release of ‘V’ in 2006, STREET TALK has been on hiatus, but Fredrik has been as busy as ever as a founding member of melodic metal band Bloodbound as well as writing and working with such artists as Revolution Saints, Steve Augeri, Steve Overland, Joe Lynn Turner, Rob Moratti, Harry Hess, Bob Halligan jr, Phenomena, Seven and Anette Olzon.




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Some great songs and album in this discography. If you don't own them I'd recommend picking them up.

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Yeah, I've not penned ratings for their discography or anything yet, but I don't recall there being a weak moment in there. It's one of those consistent discographies all the way through where if you like one you'll like the rest.

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I think I haven't got 'V', is it good Geoff ?


AWESOME!!!!!.....The band's 5th melodic AOR album IS heavily influenced by JOURNEY and TOTO. You get fluffy keys and vocalist Goran Edman (Glory, Malmsteen, Kharma). This one showcases some of the finest, most melodic AOR and westcoast tunes you'll ever let your ears be stimulated with. Totally essential, ultra high quality all the way through every track. I am waiting with bated breath to hear the bonus tracks.............?????????????????????

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'TRANSITION' - 7 Bonus Tracks

I'll Always Remember (Japanese Bonus Track)

Don't Give Up On This Love (Original 1999 Writers Demo; Fredrik Vocals)

Everything I Do Is Just For You (Original 1999 Writers Demo; Fredrik Vocals)

If Anybody Breaks Your Heart (Original 1999 Writers Demo; Fredrik Vocals)

Let Me Be The One (Original 1999 Writers Demo; Fredrik Vocals)

Always Stand By You (Original 1999 Writers Demo; Fredrik Vocals)

Someday (Original 1999 Writers Demo; Fredrik Vocals)

'RESTORATION' - 9 bonus Tracks

After The Tears (Japanese Bonus Track)

Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight (Original Demo; Kimmo Blom Vocals)

Forever By Your Side (Original Demo; Kimmo Blom Vocals)

Language Of Love (Rough Mix)

Till The End Of Time (Original ‘Dancer In The Rain’; Peter Broman Vocals)

Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight (Instrumental)

Dancer In The Rain (Instrumental)

Tables Turning (Instrumental)

A Place In The Sun (Instrumental)

'V' - 6 Bonus Tracks

Astray (New Track that appeared on the 'Destination' Compilation; Japanese 'V' Bonus Track Mix)

Made For Paradise (New Track that appeared on the 'Destination' Compilation; Japanese 'V' Bonus Track Mix)

Responsible (Instrumental)

If I Could (Instrumental)

Family Business (Instrumental)

Oh Maddy (Instrumental)

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